The Atlantic Files #97: Central Division Predictions

Mike Bash and Alex Fischbein are done breaking down the Atlantic, so it's time to look around the league starting with the Central Division!

The Atlantic Files #138: Northwest Division Preview

Year in Review series is done which means Alex and Mike are on to the division preview series as we gear up for a new, exciting year

The Atlantic Files #113: Drama within the Boston Celtics

Mike and Alex welcome John Strevens to the show to talk about the drama brewing within the Boston Celtics, Brooklyn's back court and more!

The Atlantic Files: Episode 55

Episode 55 of The Atlantic Files is here, and it's time to jump into the mini "Year in Review" series! Each week, we'll be taking a look at a team in the Atlantic Division.

The Atlantic Files #89

Episode 89 of the Atlantic Files contains Alex's thoughts, reactions, and tears about the 2018 NBA Draft. Find out who caused him to smile.

The Atlantic Files #124: Kawhi Leonard Top Three in NBA

Mike and Alex discuss Kawhi Leonard's dominance, what the 76ers lack, preview the other playoff series, and wonder what DWade does now.

The Atlantic Files #122: NBA Playoffs Preview

The NBA Playoffs are back and the match-ups are set! Mike and Alex take a look at the playoff field and give their predictions.

The Atlantic Files #95: New York Knicks Year in Review

The New York Knicks are the latest Year in Review from Mike and Alex with special guest Gregg Sussman from FNTSY Sports Network

The Atlantic Files #137: New York Knicks year in review

The New York Knicks are down at the bottom of the East yet again, Mike and Alex discuss if that will continue or if that will change soon.