The Atlantic Files: Episode 73

This week on the Atlantic Files, Alex talks about Brett Brown's appearance on the Woj Pod, Ben Simmons' mindset, and the Okafor trade.

The Atlantic Files #121: NCAA Final Four Preview

Mike and Alex preview the NCAA Final Four as Michigan State, Auburn, Texas Tech, and Virginia get ready to battle for a Championship

The Atlantic Files #136: Brooklyn Nets year in review

Mike and Alex welcome Dennis Clausen back to the show to look at the year that was for the Brooklyn Nets and take a look ahead to next year.

The Atlantic Files #146: Joel Embiid Regressing or Maturing

This week on the Atlantic Files, Alex discusses whether Joel Embiid might be regressing or maturing, The Nets without Kyrie and more!

The Atlantic Files: Episode 62

This week on the Atlantic Files, it's time to breakdown some of the new schedules that were released just earlier this week.

The Atlantic Files #125: Joel Embiid Never Winning a Ring

Mike thinks that Joel Embiid will never win a ring in his NBA career and Alex is speechless. Plus some NBA Playoffs second round updates.

The Atlantic Files #142: Central Division preview

Mike and Alex continue the division preview series with the MVP Giannis Antetoukounmpo, the Bucks, and the Central Division of the East.

The Atlantic Files: Episode 71

The Atlantic Files is back with episode 71. The Raptors seem to have the most boring storylines and Porzingis has gone full unicorn mode.

The Atlantic Files: #87

The Toronto Raptors are still searching for a coach while making all of their players available, Alex talks on if that's the right move.