Create Your Shot: Fade Turkey and Pick Winners

Tyler, Smallz and Bart are back after the worst week of the year to get you back on track. Fades include the country of turkey and many more

Create Your Shot: Kevin Driscoll

This week Smallz and Tyler talk to Kevin Driscoll of Loyola in Maryland. Guys talk hoops, scouting, networking and Worcester, MA

Create Your Shot: Fade Tom Thibodeau and Pick Winners

After another double-digit win (11-4) week, the guys come back with a 39-20-1 record picking winners the last 4 weeks. More winners to come!

Create Your Shot: Kami Mattioli

Smallz and Tyler welcome on Kami Mattioli from WME/IMG. Kami manages the social media for the tennis division and talks all thing

Create Your Shot: Fade Sashi Brown and Pick Winners

Smallz and Tyler talk about the dumpster fire that is the Browns, AFC North football and Mike Mitchell's rant about player safety

Create Your Shot: Colin Curtin

The guys welcome on Colin Curtin a former manager and current DOBO of the Hofstra Pride as well as the Head Coach of Overseas Elite in TBT.

Create Your Shot: Fade John Currie and Pick Winners

Picking winners round 3 is back and the guys shoot it about the Tennessee coaching search, Arkansas firings and this week in the NFL

Create Your Shot: Adam Nelson (Hoopdirt)

Smallz and Tyler go deep down the rabbit hole with @Hoopdirt. Adam Nelson talks his career, running NCAA rumor site and much more

Create Your Shot: Fade Sean McDermott and Pick Winners

Smallz and Tyler talk some midweek coaching decisions, and then welcome back "BART" to build on a 10-5 week and help get the listeners rich.