Create Your Shot: Matt Langel

This week's episode Create Your Shot features Matt Langel, the head men's basketball coach at Colgate University and former UPenn player.

Pickin’ Winners: Fade Jason Garrett

The guys have stemmed the tide with an 8-6-1 week to try and bring some respectability back to Create Your Shot.

Create Your Shot: Justin Jennings

Justin Jennings from Drexel University joins Tyler and Smallz for an awesome interview about coaching and his life. The guys chat about Justin’s college career,

Pickin’ Winners: Fade Frank Reich?

The worst sports betting trio in the country is back after another brutal week. The guys take a 29-45-1 record into week 5 and 6 of the NFL and College season!

Create Your Shot: Courtney Lyle

This week the guys are joined by Courtney Lyle, an absolute rising star in the play-by-play industry. Courtney can be heard on ESPN, The SEC

Pickin’ Winners: Fade Gritty

Smallz, Tyler and Bart return after a mediocre 6-9 week with a fresh outlook on college and NFL football and looking to make you guys some cash!

Create Your Shot: Sean Ritigliano

The guys are joined this week by Sean Rutigliano, assistant basketball coach at Lipscomb University. Sean breaks down his journey in coaching.

Pickin’ Winners: Fade Urban Meyer

The guys are back to improve on their 6-9 week looking to go 15-0 and make the listeners rich! This weeks topics include, Coughlin time.

Create Your Shot: Jaymee Sire

Jaymee Sire drops into the studio this week to talk the Tyler and Smallz about her career and what she is currently doing with the food network