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Episode 81: All-Star Recap, AK McCarron, MLB Free Agency

Episode 81 We recap the all-star weekend. Will AJ Mccarron be the next QB for the Browns? Finally MLB free agency and other great topics.

Episode 80: New Team Bright Future

Episode 80, Fresh off the first Cavs victory with the new team the guys break down the game and look toward the future. Reflection of SB 52

Episode 79: The Big Game

Episode 79- Day of the “Big Game” We run threw predictions and prop bets. Kirk Cousins contraversy and finally Chief Wahoo debate.

Episode 78: What Would Your XFL Name Be?

Episode 78 Cavs continue to struggle can they revive themselves for playoffs? Will the XFL be watchable? Finally some probowl/ allstar talk

Episode 77: OC Search, NBA All-Star Game, Cavs in Trouble?

Episode 77 Adam, Ty and Tim discuss the Browns offseason and the search for an offensive coordinator. Will the Cavs get out of their funk?

Episode 76: For or Against the parade

Episode 76 Adam, Ty and Tim weigh in on the controversial 0-16 parade some are for it some are against in. Where do you stand?

Episode 75: New Years Eve Edition

Episode 75 of Don’t Stop Believeland Sports Podcast. New Year’s eve edition 2017 will be remembered as the Browns 0-16 season.

Episode 74: Christmas Eve Edition

Episode 74 of Don’t Stop Believeland Sports Podcast. We try not to talk about the Browns so it’s a episode with a little fun mixed in.

Episode 73: Too Early To Start Draft Talk?

It seems draft talk starts earlier every year for us Browns fans but after all, it has been the best part of being a Browns fan in recent years.