120. DC Daily on DC Universe (Interview w/the Cast!)

Recorded live from the studios of DC Daily in Los Angeles, California. The cast of DC Daily has taken over the Hall of Justice!

119. Reign of the Supermen SPOILER Review

This is part 2 of the dedicated to the WB Animation DC Universe Film “Reign of the Supermen.” In this show, Victor Dandridge returns for a SPOILER review of the movie.

118. NYC Premiere “Reign of the Supermen”

This episode was recorded at the NYC Premiere of the WB Animation film “Reign of the Supermen.” This episode focuses on the actors who make up the all-star cast.

117. Daredevil (Season 3) / Titans (Season 1) REVIEW

This show features two reviews. First Seth & Victor discuss season 3 of the recently cancelled Marvel/Netflix series Daredevil.

116. James Tucker, Executive Producer, DC Universe Animated Films at Warner Bros. Animation

This episode features comic book animation royalty when James Tucker, executive producer of the DC Animated Movies at Warner Bros. Animation.

115. Superman (George Newbern from Justice League/Justice League Unlimited)

George Newbern joins the show on the heels of the announcement that he will be reprising the role of Superman in “Justice League vs. the Fatal Five.”

114. #JLReunion w/”Wonder Woman” Susan Eisenberg

Voice actor Susan Eisenberg, best known for her role as Wonder Woman in the iconic animated series Justice League, joins the show for a second time.

113. Bumblebee REVIEW (SPOILERS)

Anthony Brucale of TFU.INFO rejoins the show to review the latest installment of the Transformers franchise, Bumblebee.

112. Aquaman Review (SPOILERS)

Warning: Don’t play this episode unless you have seen the WB feature film Aquaman or don’t mind hearing the plot.