164. Star Wars – The Rise of Skywalker (SPOILER REVIEW)

Warning : This episode contains storylines of the Star Wars latest film, The Rise of Skywalker. Don’t listen to this episode unless you have seen the film.

163. The Nightmare Before Christmas Reunion (from Wizard World Chicago 2019)

Chris Sarandon, who played Jack Skellington, and Ken Page, who played Oogie Boogie, joined Seth Everett onstage at Wizard World Chicago 2019.

162. Crisis on Infinite Earths CW Parts 1-3

Seth and Victor go through the first three parts, and what worked and what didn’t in the Crisis on Infinite Earths.

161. Cal Dodd, Wolverine from X-Men – The Animated Series

With the recent re-release on Disney+, X-Men – The Animated Series has been one of the top streaming shows since its launch. Cal Dodd joins the show.

160. The Toys That Made Us (Creator Brian Volk-Weiss)

The Toys That Made Us creator and executive producer Brian Volk-Weiss joined the show for a deep dive into all 3 seasons of the acclaimed series.

159. Disney+

Victor Dandridge returns! Together again, Seth & Victor explore Disney+, the new online streaming service. They discuss the launch, the issues, and what they clicked on first.

158. Rhetoric of Film: Marvel Cinematic Universe – A Class at Syracuse University

In a follow up to Episode 150, Seth was a guest moderator at Professor Kendall Phillips Film Studies Course on the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

157. John Travolta from Wizard World Chicago 2019

This week on Hall of Justice, we have iconic movie and TV star John Travolta who rocked the stage in August 2019 at Wizard World Chicago.

156. Kingdom Come

Superman expert Michael Bailey, podcaster and creator of the “Fortress of Baileytude Podcasting Network” joins the show to discuss "Kingdom Come".