129. Justice League vs. Fatal Five (SPOILER REVIEW)

Justice League vs. The Fatal Five returns to what is known as the DC Animated Universe, or Timmverse as it is also known.

128. Shazam! REVIEW (Redux)

WARNING: Don’t play this episode unless you have seen Shazam! or don’t mind hearing plot reveals.

127. A Show About Trailers! (Avengers: Endgame, Joker)

This episode tackles the recent trailers/commercials for Avengers: Endgame, and discuss what they think they know about the upcoming film.

126. Shazam! Review (SPOILERS)

Seth & Victor review Shazam! This episode is released 8 days prior to the film’s release. Please know that if you are listening, the plot will be revealed.

125. The Cast of “Smallville” (from Wizard World Cleveland)

Victor Dandridge of Hall of Justice fame was asked by Wizard World to moderate a panel featuring the cast of the iconic WB/CW show Smallville.

124. Kevin Conroy

Kevin Conroy makes his 3rd appearance on the Hall of Justice. This episode focuses on Batman’s animated relationship with Wonder Woman,

123. Captain Marvel Review (SPOILERS)

WARNING: Do not press play on this episode unless you have seen the Marvel Studios film Captain Marvel, or don’t mind knowing plot points.

122. 25th Anniversary of Green Lantern Kyle Rayner w/co-creator Ron Marz

Ron Marz joins Seth and Victor to discuss the process of creating Kyle, and seeing where that storyline went in 25 years. 

121. Glass REVIEW (Warning: Spoilers)

Victor returns to review the M. Night Shamalyan film Glass, the third of a trilogy that includes 2001’s Unbreakable, and 2017’s Split.