111. “Elseworlds” Review

Seth and Victor unpack, dissect, and discuss the 3-part CW crossover event featuring the shows “Arrow,” “The Flash,” and “Supergirl.”

110. Spider-Man – Into the Spider-Verse

WARNING: Don’t play this episode until you have seen the Sony/Marvel film Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse.

109. Continuity & Comics

What is it about super heroes and comic books and sci fi stuff that always wants continuity to be perfect? Seth &; Victor explore that today.

108: Creed 2, Bohemian Rhapsody (SPOILERS) + Titans, Luke Cage, Black Lightning

WARNING: Don’t press play unless you have seen Creed 2 or Bohemian Rhapsody or don’t mind plot details.

107 : Dolph Lundgren on Creed 2, He-Man, and the Upcoming Aquaman Movie!

Dolph Lundgren talks about revisiting the Drago role, and gives his thoughts on the He-Man and Punisher films of the 80’s.  He also talks about what he knows about Aquaman.

106: A ‘Celebration’ of Stan Lee

American pop culture icon Stan Lee passed away on November 12, 2018. This episode is a tribute to the Marvel Comics Legend.

105: Transformers

On this Transformers-centric episode of the Hall of Justice, Anthony Brucale, from TFU.Info and the Transformers University Podcast, joined the show.

104: Todd McFarlane

Creator. Artist. Entrepreneur. Words that describe Todd McFarlane. He also happens to be our guest on Hall of Justice this week.

103: Steve Blum

Acclaimed voiceover artist Steve Blum joins the Hall of Justice to discuss his amazing career, and the shows in this genre that fans will remember.