Stranger Things Season 2! Exclusive Interviews with the Cast!

The 2016 Phenomenon unveils its 2nd season on October 27th as Netflix premieres "Stranger Things." Earlier in 2017, we caught up with some of the cast.

103: Steve Blum

Acclaimed voiceover artist Steve Blum joins the Hall of Justice to discuss his amazing career, and the shows in this genre that fans will remember. 

100: Live from New York Comic-Con 2018, The 100th Episode!

For the 1st episode, on the Underdog platform, Seth and Victor are together, in person, for the 100th episode of the show. 

The “Voice of Batman” Kevin Conroy

Kevin Conroy began voicing Batman on the fabled "Batman - The Animated Series" back in 1992. Since then, he had reprised the role on a number of series.

102: Venom Review (SPOILERS) (+ Iron Fist, Joker Movie, and Spidey Pics)

Victor and Seth reunite to discuss some interesting comic TV/Movie news, including a deep dive into the newly released Venon movie.

HOW is Chris Pine in Wonder Woman 1984?

An image from the set of Wonder Woman 2, or Wonder Woman '84, shows Chris Pine in the cast returning as Steve Trevor. Wait, What?

Avengers: Infinity War REVIEW (WARNING: SPOILERS)

WARNING: DO NOT press play on this podcast unless you have seen Avengers: Infinity War or don't mind knowing significant plot points.

108: Creed 2, Bohemian Rhapsody (SPOILERS) + Titans, Luke Cage, Black Lightning

WARNING: Don’t press play unless you have seen Creed 2 or Bohemian Rhapsody or don’t mind plot details.

109. Continuity & Comics

What is it about super heroes and comic books and sci fi stuff that always wants continuity to be perfect? Seth &; Victor explore that today.