Hangtime Jr.: Happy Hanukkah

Will and Max talk about the Jazz and how they should make a change. Will does a 180 on Luka Doncic. Yes, he's good, but he'll never be cool

The Hangtime Podcast: Merry Christmas

Kiah and Will talk about the Lakers Big Three (Lebron, Anthony Davis, and Lizzo). Kiah and will compare the legacy of Lebron, KD, and Kawhi

The Hangtime Podcast: Basketball Geniuses

Will asks Kiah what she thinks of the internet term "basketball genius" and then they fan out about the television show "Rick and Morty"

Hangtime Jr- Return of the Max

Will and Producer Max from Potterhood talk about believing the hype/despair around the Mavs, Blazers, Sixers, and the Grammy nominees.

Hangtime Jr: Will feels strongly about Nerlens Noel

Will gives some of his more "out there" NBA opinions, including his thoughts on Nerlens Noel. He also talks Andy Ruiz Jr. and the new Tesla

The Hangtime Podcast: Lebron, Rick & Morty

On this week's episode of Hangtime Kiah & Will discuss the leagues most slept on MVP candidate: Lebron James & TV's best show Ricky & Morty.

The Hangtime Podcast: Kung-Fu Karl

Kiah and Will discuss the Lakers, the Warriors, Dion Waiters, and notorious bad-boy Karl Anthony Towns. @kstokes41 @willpoznan

The Hangtime Podcast: The NBA Games and NBA Fights

Will and Kiah talk about their first impressions of a few new teams and deep dive in to the Embiid - Towns fight. @kstokes41 @willpoznan

The Hangtime Podcast: Good Luck “The Brow”

Kiah and Will discuss the WNBA finals, and the start to the NBA season. Kiah checks Will's ridiculous opinions on Zion and Anthony Davis.