Episode 56 – International Prospect Update

In this episode, Jackson and Cesar provide updates on many top international prospects and how they have performed this season.

Episode 55 – Chandler Hutchison Deep-Dive, Other Top Seniors

Jackson and Cesar have a long discussion about Chandler Hutchison and whether he’s a top-20 prospect before profiling other top seniors.

Episode 54 – Trade Deadline Special

Jackson and Cesar offer an NBA draft perspective on the upcoming trade deadline, previewing potential deals and discussing various picks.

Episode 53 – Trae Young vs Collin Sexton, Other Top Point Guards

Jackson and Cesar dissect last Saturday’s matchup between Trae Young and Collin Sexton and discuss other top point guard prospects.

Episode 52 – Cody Wright (@NBADraftWire)

Cody Wright (@NBADraftWire) joins Jackson and Cesar to talk scouting methodology as well as various 2018 NBA draft prospects.

Episode 51 – Zion Williamson Commits to Duke

Cesar and Jackson break down Zion Williamson's commitment to Duke, examining how his fit there and how the 2019 draft class is affected.

Episode 50 – Prospect Debates: Bagley, Trae, and More

After examining differences in their big boards, Jackson and Cesar debate about prospects that have given them different impressions.

Episode 49 – Statistical Indicators

Jackson and Cesar break down important statistical indicators at each position and how they apply to NCAA prospects in the 2018 draft class.

Episode 47 – Big Man Discussion

Jackson and Cesar have a long conversation about numerous big men in the 2018 NBA draft and how they stack up with each other.