Sunny in PHX: Episode 107

Charlie Erling, David McGraw, and Mitch Krmpotich discuss Josh Jackson's January and if the Suns should trade for Kemba Walker.

The Leftovers: On January 21st

On this episode, Anshu returns to talk Championship Sunday with Dan, NFL coaching updates, and what the Eagles/Vikings do with their QBs.

Episode 77: OC Search, NBA All-Star Game, Cavs in Trouble?

Episode 77 Adam, Ty and Tim discuss the Browns offseason and the search for an offensive coordinator. Will the Cavs get out of their funk?

Episode 51 – Zion Williamson Commits to Duke

Cesar and Jackson break down Zion Williamson's commitment to Duke, examining how his fit there and how the 2019 draft class is affected.

Tales from the Association: Chris Anstey

Tales from the Association provides a unique look into the lives and minds of former NBA players. Today's episode features Chris Anstey.

The Leftovers: On January 18th

The Leftovers: On January 18th. Josh and Dan get together to discuss NBA news and preview the NFC and AFC championship games.

Episode 55: Let’s Try This Again

On episode 55, Chris Horwedel and Tyler Laurie discuss the recent fighting in the NBA, the bizarre Markelle Fultz situation, Trae Young, and NFL Playoffs.

The Leftovers: On January 16th

The Leftovers Episode 14: On January 16, Josh and Dan discuss recent sports topics, including the state of the Cleveland Cavs.

Episode 50 – Prospect Debates: Bagley, Trae, and More

After examining differences in their big boards, Jackson and Cesar debate about prospects that have given them different impressions.