Sunny In PHX: Episode 85

On episode 85, Mitch Krmpotich and David McGraw discuss the Suns' centers, as well as the recently released season schedule.

Sunday Fadeaway: Episode 3

On the third episode of The Sunday Fadeaway host Ryan Calpin and special contributor Ryan Dieter (@thedeetz63) dive into LeBron's future with the Cavs.

The Atlantic Files: Episode 62

This week on the Atlantic Files, it's time to breakdown some of the new schedules that were released just earlier this week.

UFC Commentaries: UFC 14

This week Greg Crone and Chris Horwedel do a running commentary while watching UFC 14 and they’d love for you to watch along with them.
Deep(ish) Thoughts Podcast

Episode 35: Hard Knocking

In episode 35 of the podcast, Chris and Anshu talk Marvin Bagley and the 2018 NBA Draft Class, Joey Gallo, Hard Knocks, and more.

Sunny In PHX: Episode 84

On episode 84 of the podcast, Charlie Erling, Mitch Krmpotich, and David McGraw discuss the Suns forwards and the Suns new Nike Jerseys.

Episode 28 – Marvin Bagley’s Decision, Mitchell Robinson Speculation

In episode 28, Jackson and Cesar return to discuss Marvin Bagley's commitment to Duke and then explore Mitchell Robinson's options.

Sunday Fadeaway: Episode 2

Ryan Calpin, Brandon Carfagna, and Ryan Dieter look at the early schedule releases, Kobe and LeBron, and a lot of Knicks talk.
Deep(ish) Thoughts Podcast

Episode 34: The Return of Football

In episode 34 of the podcast, Chris and Anshu talk about the Hall of Fame game, Jay Cutler's return to the NFL, Andrew Luck being overrated, and more.