Sunday Fadeaway: Episode 5

In episode 5 of Sunday Fadeaway, host Ryan Calpin returns with hot takes on Kyrie Irving and a breakdown of the Central Division.

BLITZcast: #371

In episode #371 of BLITZcast, Alex Khavtov is joined by Chris Horwedel and Alex talks about the Kansas City Chiefs and 2018 Quarterback Prospects.

Episode 40: The Fifty-Fifty Club

On episode 40 of The Underdog, Dan Bower joins Chris Horwedel to talk about the Cleveland Indians historic streak, the MLB playoffs and much more.

UFC Commentaries: UFC 16

This week Greg Crone and Chris Horwedel do a running commentary while watching UFC 16 and they’d love for you to watch along with them.

Sunny In PHX: Episode 89

Charlie Erling, Mitch Krmpotich, and David McGraw discuss the recently proposed Draft Lottery reform, as well as the new Nike Statement jerseys.

Create Your Shot Podcast: Jimmy Fenerty

Tyler and Smallz talk to Jimmy Fenerty of the Lafayette Leopards. Jimmy is a 27 year old division 1 assistant coach which is a rarity in today’s industry.

Episode 61: Browns Week 2, Indians Win Streak

Episode 61 includes a recap of the last 2 Browns games and we pick it back up talking about the unbelievable win streak for our Cleveland Indians.

The Atlantic Files: Episode 64

In this week's episode of the Atlantic Files, Alex talks about Adam Silver's latest potential lottery reform and Carmelo Anthony's ESPN ranking.

Sunny In PHX: Episode 88

On the show this week, Charlie Erling, David McGraw, and Mitch Krmpotich discuss which Suns player will take the biggest step this year.