Episode 41: From the Bruins to the Bronx

This week, the fellas discuss record deals and new homes for Gerrit Cole, Stephen Strasburg, Anthony Rendon, Mad-Bum, Keuchel, and manymore.

Episode 28: Tired of Talking About Mental Health: The Finale

On this week's episode, are Asia and Mario saying goodbye? Our hosts go in-depth about the highs, lows, joys, and challenges of Season 2.

Ep 207: DeAndre Ayton (Kind Of) Returns, Suns Struggle

On this week’s episode of Sunny in PHX, Charlie Erling and Mitch Krmpotich recap and preview games as well as discuss Ayton's soft return.

The Atlantic Files #147: 2-3 Zones for Dummies

On this week's episode of The Atlantic Files, Alex discusses the 76ers inability to break the 2-3 zone, the Celtics big three, and more!

The Underdog Sports Fantasy Hour: NFL Week 16

Josh and Anshu talk all things NFL Week 16, which is also Fantasy Football Championship Week. They give tips on how to win your leagues.

Best NFL Picks of the Week

On this episode of Get Paid, Sean and Brad analyze the week’s best games including Cleveland vs Baltimore and New England vs Buffalo

NFL Week 16 Power Rankings + Netflix Pitch Tom Coughlin and Laker

On this week's episode of Functional Sportsaholic, Why did Tom Coughlin get canned? What demons are chasing Josh Gordon? And LeBron!

Episode 67: The Jaguars Fire Tom Coughlin

On this episode of The Underdog Sports NFL Show, Chris Horwedel and Mario Hines talk Tom Coughlin, Dak Prescott, and improving as a football player.

BlitzCast #87: Senior Bowl Pass Catchers

Our guys discuss Senior Bowl pass catchers, underclassmen declaring, NFL playoff picture and Eli Manning.