The Potterhood Podcast #17: Bringing Mad Eye to the Cookout

Neko White and Will Poznan sort the protagonists of the show Boondocks, and introduce a new segment: the Arthur Weasley Award.

The Potterhood Podcast #16: Cigars with Snape

Neko White and Will Poznan are joined by Justin Smith who has a new album on iTunes and a new documentary on YouTube. Enjoy it

The Potterhood Podcast #15: Multiple Hogwartses

Neko White and Will Poznan are joined by Jacob Williams (Wild 'N Out) . They discuss Jacob's experiences at Universal Studios & Cursed Child

The Potterhood Podcast #15: Back from Summer Vacation

Neko and Will are back from a brief vacation to ask what if Peeves were black. They settle who Harry's 3rd best friend is once & for all.

The Potterhood Podcast #14: Intro to Muggle Studies

Neko and Will discuss who are the most accomplished explorers of Hogwarts. They ask "What if Buckbeak were black?" and sort "Scarface."

The Potterhood Podcast #13: The Sorting of Lil Wayne and More

Neko and Will talk about the flaws in Gringots, sort Lil Wayne, and even psychoanalyze the people that write Harry/Rita Skeeter fan fiction.

The Potterhood Podcast #12: Who’s Watching the Third Task?

Neko and Will talk Hagrid's parentage, bash the triwizard tournament, and sort Jesus Christ. Follow them on IG @nekowhite93 and @willpoznan.

The Potterhood Podcast #11: Top 3 Weasleys

Neko and Will are joined by Mia Jackson (Inside Amy Schumer) and Brian Enck (Bric TV). They rank the Weasleys and talk house-elf rights.

The Potterhood Podcast #10: Bellatrix

Neko and Will talk Bellatrix Lestrange, discuss an internet theory, and sort OJ Simpson. Follow them on IG @nekowhite93 & @willpoznan