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The Potterhood Podcast #27: Ron’s Favorite Weasley

Neko and Will have a very Ron-centric episode. We play a Ron themed duel or die. They ask who Ron's favorite & least favorite siblings were.

The Potterhood Podcast #26: Harry Thugger

Neko and Will are joined by Neko's longtime best friend Rodney. Rodney has read all of the books multiple times but never seen the movies.

The Potterhood Podcast #25: Justin’s Back

Neko and Will are joined by returning guest (the first repeat guest) Justin Smith. It's a fun episode for you to enjoy!

The Potterhood Podcast #24: The Dumbledore Debate w/ Justin Zagri

Neko and Will invite on special guest Justin Zagri a director, producer, and all around creative at Broad Strokes Media @justinzdirector

The Potterhood Podcast #23: Dumbledore’s Upholstered Robes

Neko White and Will Poznan compare Gilderoy Lockhart's evil to Lucius Malfoy's. They sort Mystique and Storm from the X Men. Great episode!

The Potterhood Podcast #22: Go to Neko’s Taping if you’re in NYC!

This is a great episode. If you love the podcast and live in NYC go to this link to see Neko do stand up.

The Potterhood Podcast #21: Malfoy Matters

@nekowhite93 @willpoznan @maxmarcuscomedy Will asks Neko which Harry Potter character would fare best a NYC Public School. Enjoy

The Potterhood Podcast #20: The Lupin Deep Dive

Neko White and Will Poznan go in to Lupin's backstory, and discuss why he is such a great character. They also posit a great duel or die.

The Potterhood Podcast #19: The Sorting of Tekashi 69

Neko White and Will Poznan dive in to an interesting duel or die between Sirius and Barty Crouch Jr. @nekowhite93 & @willpoznan