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Pump Fake to the Altar

Pump Fake To The Altar: Episode 8 – Playoff Push!

The guys discuss the proposed 1 through 16 playoff seeding, and East vs West teams. Also, they say what goes into a wedding guest list.

Pump Fake To The Altar: Episode 7 – All-Star Weekend!

Felix John-Baptiste takes us behind the scenes on his time in LA during All-Star Weekend. The boys discuss more wedding drama!

Episode 6 – Trade Deadline!

The guys discuss all things trade deadline around the Knicks, Cavs, Lakers & OKC. They also discuss their wedding guestlists & invites.

Episode 5 – Chaos in the NBA!

The guys discuss the chaos going on in the league surrounding LeBron, Kawhi and Jason Kidd. The also touch on the Rockets going streaking.

Episode 4 – Stephen Curry is Back!

The guys discuss the return of Stephen Curry & the Rockets recent struggles. They also discuss OKC's recent play & more wedding planning.

Pump Fake To The Altar: Episode 3

In this episode, Felix John-Baptiste and DJ Allen discuss the currently hot Cavs as well as their post-engagement activities.