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Episode 8: Paul George went WHERE?

After a month off, Charles and Brandon talk about free agency the state of the NBA. After playing with the trade machine for an hour, Charles and Brandon hit the bombshell on Paul George.

Shooting the Breeze Episode 7: NBA Playoffs and NFL Draft Talk

Charles and Brandon discuss the first and second round of the NBA playoffs, NFL Draft talk on the best and worst moves of the Draft.

Shooting the Breeze Episode 6: Russ Fan Club & More Life Review

Charles and Brandon discuss Russell Westbrook historic season, The NBA Playoffs. We also review Drake's "More Life" and Kendrick Lamar's upcoming album.

Shooting the Breeze Episode 5: Top 10 NBA Players Today

On episode 5, Brandon & Charles give their thoughts and overall rankings on the Top 10 players currently active in the NBA.

Shooting the Breeze Episode 4: March Madness and WTFree Agency

On episode 4, Brandon & Charles give their breakdown of the 2017 NCAA Tournament and NFL Free agency.

Shooting the Breeze: Episode 3

On episode 3, Brandon & Charles talk about the NBA landscape after the Durant injury, NFL draft, And debate if Klay Thompson is a top 10 player in the NBA.

Shooting the Breeze Episode 2: Ter-rell or Terrell?

In the second episode of Shooting the Breeze, Brandon and Charles discuss why T.O isnt a hall of famer yet? Knicks hitting a new low and the Ball brothers.