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Talk About It: Mental Health in Sports

Episode 25 (S2E7): Why Am I So Tired From Doing What I Love?

On this week's episode, Mario and Asia discuss being tired from and, sometimes, tired of doing what you love. Let's talk about it!

Episode 24 (S2E6): How To Experience A Scorpio

This week, our very own Scorpio hosts, Asia and Mario give tips on how to experience Scorpio season & shout out Scorpio celebs and athletes.

Episode 23 (S2E5): 10 Things To Do Before 2020

Must do list before the end the decade. Asia and Mario give 10 tips to set yourself up for a healthy end to 2019 and a clearer start to 2020.

Episode 22 (S2E4): Fighting In The Open ft. Mental Health America

Let's talk about all things Mental Health America. This week, Mario and Asia connect with our friends at Mental Health America.

Episode 21 (S2E3): When Giving Love And Light Is Trash

Have you ever felt like your trauma is dismissed? Let's talk about when receiving extreme positivity can feel like being dismissed.

Episode 20 (S2E2) Losing A Son, Gaining A Community

NAMI (MI) Executive Director joins us to share his experience with mental illness, suicide, his healing process, and the NAMIWalks.

Episode 19 (S2E1): That’s How I Am: Struggling With Growth

Have you ever said 'That's just how I am?" In Episode 19, Asia and Mario talk growth and how to find ways to identify that your growth.

Season 1 Finale: Mental Health Awareness Month

Happy Mental Health Awareness Month! Do you prioritize your mental health? Awesome! We do too! Tune in and discuss w/ loved ones!

Boundaries In Professional Relationships

Russell Wilson's pay day came with boundary setting. In episode 17, Mario and Asia provide 3 ways to establish boundaries in the workplace.