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Bears, Ravens and Cowboys + Durant, Butler and Trolls

SB Nation's Connor Livesay and Logan Levy and Da Bears Blog's Jeff Hughes join us to talk Cowboys, Ravens and Bears + tons of NBA

The Functional Sportsaholic: Episode 1

In this week's episode, Sean and Sam discuss the futility of grading drafts, talk NBA Playoffs and play a game of TFS 'Would You Rather?'

A. Brown, the Browns, LeBron vs Jordan and NASA Shuttle Launches

Sean and Sam talk about a wide ranging list of subjects including NFL coaches, Baker and the Browns, Antonio Brown, LeBron and more.

Terrell Owens and the Hall of Fame + Gurley and Julio Contracts

Would you attend the Hall of Fame ceremony? TO won't! We'll discuss the drama along with NFL contracts, Tiger Woods and Carmelo to Houston.

AB’s Drama, Keenum to Washington and the Lakers

Sean rails on the short-sightedness of Antonio Brown. Whoever is in his ear needs to GTFO. Also, Keenum to Washington and Lakers Drama

NFL and NBA w SB Nation + Michael Jackson’s Doppelganger

NFL and NBA with SB Nation's Rebecca Toback and Jack Noonan, plus Sean and Sam bring the heat on NFL, NBA, weird massages and much more

The Functional Sportsaholic: Episode 2

This week's episode includes Big Ben and Flacco freezing out rookie QBs, High School Drama in the NBA, a Joakim Noah bedtime story and more!

Talking MLB and Fantasy Baseball

Sean and Eric, AKA Baseballai Lama, give MLB updates, Free Agency commentary, updated fantasy baseball discussions and our draft guide!

MLB Trade Deadline with The Baseballai Lama + Worst Sports Contra

The Baseballai Lama is back! We talk trade winners and losers and review his past predictions. Later, Sean/Sam talk worst sports contracts.