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NFL Stories and NBA Playoffs

Sean and Sam talk about QB Contracts, Kraft, Financing Stadiums, the NBA playoffs and more.Give us a listen. You might learn something!

Hard Knocks, Guy’s Trip Shenanigans, Nike and Kaepernick

Sean and Sam talk Hard Knocks finale, Guy's Trip Stories, Nike and Colin Kaepernick, Khalil Mack to Chicago and other shenanigans.

NFL Week 10 Power Rankings + Early Season NBA Talk

We’re talking about the NFL Power Rankings for NFL Week 10 and Sean and Sam are also talking about the NBA and the NCAA. Who is number one

McGregor v Numagomedov + Baseballai Lama and Other Insanity

Dave Mason from Bet Online joins us to talk McGregor v Numagomedov + Baseballai Lama talks MLB playoffs + Sean and Sam bring other insanity

Tiger’s Big Win + Russell Wilson and NBA

Was Tiger Woods’ win the greatest comeback ever? Sean says no, because he didn’t think Tiger was washed up. Call him a pessimistic optimist.

Early NFL Coaching Hot Seats + NCAA and NBA

Brad from Get Paid joins Sean this week to talk a bit about the NCAA, a lot about the NFL and coaches on the hot seat, and about the NBA .

PEDs: The Natural Male Enhancement + NFL and NBA Updates

We discuss PED use, more drama for the Patriots, LeBron's theatrics, the Ball Family's delusion and Sean & Sam's sports movie hall of fame.

Talking MLB and Fantasy Baseball

Sean and Eric, AKA Baseballai Lama, give MLB updates, Free Agency commentary, updated fantasy baseball discussions and our draft guide!

NBA Finals Talk and Odds

Sean and Sam dig into the NBA finals and talk about Toronto’s victory. Sean also brings Dave Mason on to talk about the finals and gambling.