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Top NBA and NFL Players of 2017-2018

Who should have won the NBA MVP? Who were the top NFL players of 2017? Sean and special guest Brad of the Get Paid podcast discuss.

Early MLB Division Winners

Sean and Eric, AKA Baseballai Lama, quickly break down each division in order of placement and give playoff and world series predictions

NFL Stories and NBA Playoffs

Sean and Sam talk about QB Contracts, Kraft, Financing Stadiums, the NBA playoffs and more.Give us a listen. You might learn something!

Yo Adrian… Stop Beating Your Kids, Condi Rice? + NBA and more

AP is out of touch with society, Condi to Cleveland? LeBron's return to Cleveland, our favorite Thanksgiving day traditions and more

The Functional Sportsaholic: Episode 2

This week's episode includes Big Ben and Flacco freezing out rookie QBs, High School Drama in the NBA, a Joakim Noah bedtime story and more!

Bears, Ravens and Cowboys + Durant, Butler and Trolls

SB Nation's Connor Livesay and Logan Levy and Da Bears Blog's Jeff Hughes join us to talk Cowboys, Ravens and Bears + tons of NBA

Fitzpatrick, Mahomes, Tales from the Crypt, Wade, Butler, Brand

We're talking Fitpatrick, Mahomes, Tales from the Crypt, NFL Kickers, Dwayne Wade, Elton Brand to the 76ers, Jimmy Butler and much more!

MLB Trade Deadline with The Baseballai Lama + Worst Sports Contra

The Baseballai Lama is back! We talk trade winners and losers and review his past predictions. Later, Sean/Sam talk worst sports contracts.

LeBron to LA + an OKC WTF? + Kawhi, NFL Helmet Rules and more

LeBron is taking his talents to Huntingon Beach + If OKC was ok with a $300M payroll, why did they trade Harden way back when? And more