Hard Knocks and Holdouts

Hard Knocks and Holdouts! Sean and Sam dive into the reasoning behind this year's holdouts and discuss episode 1 of Hard Knocks

MLB Trade Deadline with The Baseballai Lama + Worst Sports Contra

The Baseballai Lama is back! We talk trade winners and losers and review his past predictions. Later, Sean/Sam talk worst sports contracts.

Terrell Owens and the Hall of Fame + Gurley and Julio Contracts

Would you attend the Hall of Fame ceremony? TO won't! We'll discuss the drama along with NFL contracts, Tiger Woods and Carmelo to Houston.

Don Beebe’s Road Less Traveled, Leon Lett Play and The Comeback

Don Beebe joins us this week to discuss the famous Leon Lett play, the original "Comeback" and his road less traveled to the NFL

Why We Hate the NCAA

The NCAA organization annoys us. Though Sean and Sam share a disgust, the two differ on what annoys them. We also talk NBA Free agency.

LeBron to LA + an OKC WTF? + Kawhi, NFL Helmet Rules and more

LeBron is taking his talents to Huntingon Beach + If OKC was ok with a $300M payroll, why did they trade Harden way back when? And more

Top NBA and NFL Players of 2017-2018

Who should have won the NBA MVP? Who were the top NFL players of 2017? Sean and special guest Brad of the Get Paid podcast discuss.

Why The USA Sucks At Soccer + Kawhi to the Celts? and NFL Hot...

USA Soccer is pathetic, but why? We also talk possible Kawhi Leonard destinations, Jay-Z to Puma and NFL Coaching hot seats.

PEDs: The Natural Male Enhancement + NFL and NBA Updates

We discuss PED use, more drama for the Patriots, LeBron's theatrics, the Ball Family's delusion and Sean & Sam's sports movie hall of fame.