The Leftovers: On April 22nd

Josh and Dan recap all eight NBA playoff games from the weekend as well as discuss some up-to-date MLB news, and NHL playoffs.

The Leftovers: On April 19th

On this special NFL Draft episode, Anshu and Dan talk about this year's RB and QB class, as well as recap the NBA and NHL playoffs.

The Leftovers: On April 17th

Josh, Anshu, and Dan discuss the NBA Playoffs, give a few MLB updates, and have some fun with their Oh, By The Way segment on Hump Day.

The Leftovers: On April 15th

On this episode, Dan and Anshu recap the weekend's NBA playoff games, some NFL news we missed, and a few top MLB pitching performances.

The Leftovers: On April 10th

Josh, Anshu and Dan discuss the NCAA FBI investigation, talk through some MLB updates, and put a bow on the NBA regular season.

The Leftovers: On April 8th

Josh and Dan recap The Masters, talk about Shohei Ohtani's success for the Angels, and Giancarlo Stanton's struggles in New York

The Leftovers: On April 5th

On this episode, Josh, Dan, and Anshu discuss Kyrie Irving and the NBA playoffs, some quick NFL updates, and The Masters weekend.

The Leftovers: On April 3rd

Josh and Dan recap the NCAA Men's Basketball Final, Brandin Cooks to the Rams, and check in on Major League Baseball and the NBA.

The Leftovers: On April 1

It's no joke, on this episode Dan and Anshu recap the Final 4, preview the National Championship, and talk MLB Opening Weekend.