The Leftovers: On February 4th

On this episode of the leftovers, Josh, Dan and Anshu discuss the outcome of Super Bowl LII as Nick Foles takes down Tom Brady

The Leftovers: On April 24th

Josh, Anshu and Dan recap the last few games of the NBA Playoffs and preview this weekend's upcoming NFL draft in a special extended episode

The Leftovers: On July 22nd

Josh and Anshu take a look back at this past weekend's British Open and give some early predictions for the PGA's final major of the year.

10/8/18: Both Ohio Teams Won?!

Josh, Anshu, and Dan recap week 5 NFL Sunday, filled with a Bengals and Browns win, and get up to speed on the MLB Playoff picture.

The Leftovers: On December 12th

A nightly recap show, brought to you by Anshu Khanna, Josh Dunn, and Dan Bower, in which the guys go over the biggest sporting news of the previous day.

The Leftovers: On March 1st

The Leftovers: On March 1st   The Leftovers is a┬ánightly recap show that's brought to you by Anshu Khanna, Josh Dunn, and Dan Bower, in which...

The Leftovers: On May 24th

Josh and Anshu get together to discuss the NBA Conference Finals and give their predictions on who ends up playing for the trophy

8/17/18: Acuna Matata

Dan and Anshu discuss Dez' imminent (?) signing in Cleveland, old men getting mad about cool young baseball players, dive into the AFC East.

11/5/18: You Are What Your Record Says You Are

Dan, Anshu, and Josh recap an NFL weekend that begins to separate teams and talk some college football and its playoff outlook.