The Leftovers: On January 4th

On this episode, Anshu is back with Josh and Dan to discuss the NFL coaching carousel, give their Wild Card Weekend predictions, and more.

The Leftovers: On January 2nd

On this episode, Dan and Josh catch you up on all the NFL coaching updates, and the CFB playoffs and bowls and their NFL draft implications.

The Leftovers: On December 28th

On this episode, the guys discuss the Steelers resting their starters, the return of Steph and Isaiah, and the glory days of Vince Carter.

The Leftovers: On December 26th

On this episode, Josh, Anshu and Dan discuss Josh Rosen, Jimmy G, NFL comings and goings, and throw some Christmas NBA in The Microwave.

The Leftovers: On December 21st

On this episode, the whole crew discusses the MLB Hot Stove, tanking teams, the XFL, skipping bowl games, and premiere "The Microwave".

The Leftovers: On December 19th

On this episode, Dan and Josh discuss Cavs vs. Bucks, the Lane Kiffin extension, Kobe #8 vs. Kobe #24, and early MLB Hall of Fame votes.

The Leftovers: On December 17th

On this episode, Dan Bower is joined by special guest Chris Horwedel to recap NFL Sunday, including Steelers Pats, Rams W, & Marvin Lewis.

The Leftovers: On December 14th

On this episode, Anshu and Dan discuss Manny Machado trade rumors, a major fantasy baseball update, and give NFL playoff predictions.

The Leftovers: On December 12th

A nightly recap show, brought to you by Anshu Khanna, Josh Dunn, and Dan Bower, in which the guys go over the biggest sporting news of the previous day.