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Episode 30: Building Blocks

Zandrick Ellison and Tyler Laurie talk through the first round of the NBA playoffs. They talk spurs, nuggets, rockets, jazz, 76ers and more

Episode 29: Cracks in the Foundation

Tyler and Zandrick debate whether Russell Westbrook can fix his playoff struggles if the Warriors should be worried and much much more

Episode 28: Zandrick Returns!

Zandrick is back and he and Tyler are here to break down game 1 of each playoff series! They cover whether the Sixers should panic and more!

Episode 27: Earvin “Game of Thrones” Johnson

Chris Horwedel and Tyler Laurie talk about Magic Johnson stepping down from the Lakers, Dwyane Wade and Dirk Nowitzki's legends and more

Episode 26: Space Jam

This week, Tyler is joined by Chris Horwedel to talk about Russell Westbrook being underrated, The Warriors ruining the West and Prospects

Episode 25: A Reverse Ant-Man Situation

Tyler and Zandrick talk about James Harden vs. Giannis, Jusef Nurkic's brutal leg injury, This weekend's NCAA tournament and much more

Episode 24: Injuries and Analytics

On this week's episode of the Underdog Sports NBA Show, Tyler and Zandrick talk about two key injuries in the NBA playoff race and more!

Emergency Pod: The NCAA Tournament

Zandrick and Tyler break down the NCAA tournament games base on the NBA prospects people should be watching this weekend and make some picks.

Episode 23: Fan Fiction

This week on the Underdog Sports NBA show Tyler and Zandrick discuss a wild week of basketball including Westbrook and Ibaka's fights.