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Episode 10: Coaching Debacles and MVP Races

Tyler and Zandrick discuss this week in the NBA. Topics include, The Bulls coaching situation, the MVP race, the Bucks Cavs trade and more!

Episode 9: Power Struggles

Tyler and Zandrick talk about the Chicago Bulls decision to fire Fred Hoiberg and what is going on in the Sacramento Kings front office.

Episode 8: The Western Conference Traffic Jam

Zandrick and Tyler get together and chat about the log-jammed west, the Toronto Raptors scorching start and possible Markelle Fultz deals

Episode Seven: Its a Wizard Party

Tyler Laurie and Zandrick Ellison talk about the drama of the Washington Wizards, Kemba Walker's scoring explosion and much more in the NBA

Episode 6: The Disease of More

This week on The Underdog Sports NBA Show, Tyler and Zandrick talk about the locker room rift effecting the Golden State Warriors and more!

Emergency Podcast: Jimmy Butler Trade

Tyler Laurie and Zandrick Ellison break down the Jimmy Butler trade and the effects it'll have on the 76ers and Timberwolves moving forward

Episode 5: The Lakers and the LeBron Dilemma

Zan and Tyler are back with the 5th episode of the Underdog NBA Show. This week they talk the nuggets, Twolves, Lakers, Cavs and More

Episode 4: Russ vs. Pat and KlayMania!

Tyler and Zandrick are back with the biggest stories in the NBA. This week, OKC Thunder, GSW Warriors, Washington Wizards and Cleveland Cavs

Episode 3: Fight, Fight, Fight!

Tyler Laurie and Zandrick Ellison are back talking week 2 NBA headlines, including Blake Griffin's hot start and the Lakers slow start.