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133: Matt Ryan, RB Signings, Week 1 Lines

Walt and Kenny discuss the Matt Ryan signing, the recent RB signings, and the Mark Ingram suspension as well as looking ahead to the Week 1 Lines.

132: NFL Draft Recap w/ Walt, Kenny, and Charlie

Walt, Kenny, and Charlie recap the 2018 NFL Draft, the trades, the rumors about New England trading for a QB, the five QB's drafted in round one.

131: NFL Mock Drafts 2018 w/ Walt, Charlie, and Kenny

In this episode, WalterFootball.com Senior Draft Analyst Charlie Campbell joins the show to give his updated mock draft.

130: Free Agency, Draft Rumors, Colin Kaepernick, Power Rankings

Walt and Kenny talk about NFL Free Agency news, Draft Rumors, Colin Kaepernick's meeting with Seattle, and Walt’s NFL Power Rankings

129: Cooks to the Rams, Rules Changes, Trade Rumors

Walt & Kenny discuss all things and happenings in the NFL this week including Cooks to the Rams, RGIII to Baltimore, the Rules Changes, Trades, and more.

128: Free Agency, Trades, Michael Bennett, Rule Changes

Walt and Kenny discuss the recent Free Agency moves, the Trades, the Michael Bennett arrest and fiasco, and the recent NFL Rule Changes.

127: Trades, Cuts, Free Agents, and an Argument About Jon Stewart

Walt and Kenny talk about all the NFL Trades, Cuts, Free Agent Signings, Happenings, Rumors, and they Argue About Jonathan Stewart.

126: NFL News, Trades, Cuts, Rumors, Retiring Refs, and More Flat

Walt & Kenny talk about all the NFL News, Trades, Cuts, Rumors, Happenings, and Retiring Refs, and give you some more Flat-Earth Talk.

125: NFL News and Cuts, Changes, and Flat Earth Conspiracies

Walt and Kenny discuss all NFL News, Events, Cuts, Impending Free Agency, Proposed Rule Changes, and Flat Earth Conspiracies.