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127: Trades, Cuts, Free Agents, and an Argument About Jon Stewart

Walt and Kenny talk about all the NFL Trades, Cuts, Free Agent Signings, Happenings, Rumors, and they Argue About Jonathan Stewart.

126: NFL News, Trades, Cuts, Rumors, Retiring Refs, and More Flat

Walt & Kenny talk about all the NFL News, Trades, Cuts, Rumors, Happenings, and Retiring Refs, and give you some more Flat-Earth Talk.

125: NFL News and Cuts, Changes, and Flat Earth Conspiracies

Walt and Kenny discuss all NFL News, Events, Cuts, Impending Free Agency, Proposed Rule Changes, and Flat Earth Conspiracies.

124: NFL Off-Season Rumors, Cuts, QB Carousel, Nick Foles Odds

Walt & Kenny discuss the NFL Off-Season Rumors, Recent Cuts, the QB Carousel, and the Nick Foles Odds of where he may play next season.