Colorado is keeping a close eye on the Senators

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Things couldn’t be going much worse for the Ottawa Senators this year.

The hockey world was blown away with the horrifying news that continues to come out of the Ottawa Senators organization. After coming one goal away from appearing in the 2017 Stanley Cup Final, literally, everything that could go wrong for the organization has occurred. The most recent centers around two of their star players, Erik Karlsson and Matt Hoffman, and their significant others, Melinda Karlsson and Monika Caryk.

Mrs. Karlsson filed an order of protection against Caryk, claiming that she made some horrifying comments about the Karlsson’s first child, who was stillborn this past March. It’s a disgusting sight, and it all but guaranteed that both players will be traded before the 2018-19 NHL season begins.

The recent news is just icing on the cake, as growing turmoil both inside the Senators organization and in the fan base has all but guaranteed the Senators are going to start to rebuild their team. While everyone is sitting and waiting to see what happens, there is one team that will be paying closer attention than most others: the Colorado Avalanche.

Last November, the Senators, Avalanche and Nashville Predators participated in a three-team trade, in which nine total pieces were moved. A whopping SEVEN went to Colorado, which includes three prospects, a goalie, and three upcoming draft picks, all in the first three rounds. One of those draft picks, from Ottawa, is a conditional first-rounder. Ottawa currently holds the fourth-overall pick in the 2018 draft, but due to all the turmoil and uncertainty facing the organization, it’s becoming likely that the Avalanche will soon own the pick themselves.

The condition behind the upcoming pick is simple. Ottawa placed protection status on it. That meant if the pick should fall in the top-ten, which it did, then the Senators could choose to keep it. If that happens, the Avalanche would automatically receive Ottawa’s 2019 first-round selection.

However, due to all the turmoil and strife currently plaguing Ottawa, it’s likely they are going to be much worse than they were last season. The 2019 draft is supposed to be highlighted by Jack Hughes, the brother of current top-ten pick hopeful Quinn Hughes, who many consider to be the next Auston Matthews and Jack Eichel. It’s entirely possible that Ottawa is going to try and suffer through this season in an attempt to land the younger Hughes.

The decision for Ottawa is going to be difficult no matter what. They either try to contend this season and keep the fourth-overall pick, or they decide to ship everyone out and stockpile assets to focus for the future but forfeit their first-round pick this year. Either way, they are missing out on a chance to draft and develop a phenomenal player.

For Colorado, they couldn’t be happier. They’re either going to get the fourth-overall pick for this season, or they are going to add another first-round pick for 2019, possibly another top-five finish. The Avalanche currently have the 16th pick in the draft, but adding the fourth-overall pick for this season is going to blow them away.

They could have a chance to take the first of several dominant defensemen prospects, or they can take one of the three highly-touted offensive players still there. For a team that is considered on the rise, the Avalanche could be significantly better than they are now. For Ottawa, it’s going to be tough no matter what. The relationship between the organization and their fan base is strained, and that’s an understatement.

Hopefully, the situation becomes resolved, but no matter what, the Avalanche are going to receive a high-impact player.


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