Cut to the Palladium in Carmel, Indiana.

A beautiful 1,300 theater that has seen some major names come though it’s doors.

Willie Nelson.

Peter Frampton.

Bill Cosby.

Bob Kevoian, the co-host of “The Bob & Tom Show,” comes onto the stage and introduces tonight’s performer.

“You’re about to see how a swimming punter from Pittsburgh became the funniest man in professional sports,” Kevoian said.

Ladies and Gentleman… Pat McAfee?

That’s right, Colts All-Pro punter Pat McAfee is here tonight taking part in his first comedy special.

His first words?  “I can’t believe you’re (f’ing) here.”

Right off the bat, McAfee names three stars who have performed here: Willie Nelson. Peter Frampton. Bill Cosby. He takes a breath, lifts an eyebrow.

“OK, Willie Nelson: hall of fame,” McAfee says. “Peter Frampton: hall of fame.

“Bill Cosby: deep (expletive). Well, I can do better than one of those. Let’s do it.”

And you know what?  He might have a case.  McAfee was genuinely funny in his debut.  Check out some of Pat’s comedy below.


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