The Create Your Shot Podcast:  With John Linehan

The guys get back on the hardwood with former Providence Friar and current Hartford assistant, John Linehan. One of the best defenders in NCAA history, John raps with the guys about his journey into coaching, his pro-career, playing AAU ball with Kobe Bryant and much more. Currently, John is the NCAA all-time leader in steals, sign this petition to get him into the Providence athletics HOF.

2:39 — Tyler and Smallz Intro

3:40 — Tyler butters up all the guests on CYS

6:05 — “Secret Scrimmages” — Understanding the hours of coaching

6:58 — Tyler admits he was wrong about something for the second week in a row!

8:25 — Sign the petition on to get John Linehan in the Providence HOF

10:03 — Welcome John Linehan

11:00 — John’s coaching journey

11:25 — When did John decide he wanted to coach?

12:05 — The transition from playing to being the low man on the totem pole

12:57 — Staying humble and doing whatever it takes to get in the door

13:28 — What is it like going to class and making no money after being a pro basketball player

14:45 — John’s start in the coaching world and meeting Tyler for the first time

16:25 — Former players getting back into coaching and trying to get a job

17:28 — What in John’s background prepared him to be able to work/grind

17:50 — What Chester, PA means to John

18:28 — Is Jameer Nelson better than John at basketball

19:30 — Fred Pickett — Former head coach at Chester

19:40 — John’s AAU team with Kobe Bryant and Rip Hamilton

20:00 — John gets cold feet about going to Howard

21:10 — How he convinced his Mom to let him go to prep school

21:50 — Kids chasing their dreams and going to prep school.

22:53 — John’s playing career after college

24:10 — NBA training camp and playing in the D-League

25:20 — How tall John really is

26:03 — Culture of being other places than Chester, PA

27:00 — How John ended up at Winchindon School for Prep School

27:19 — John doesn’t know how to put his phone on silent x 2.

28:25 — Living in the US without your family while trying to make it in coaching

30:00 — John on working in college vs. the NBA

30:55 — Shedding the title of being “just” a workout guy

32:04 — Lloyd Pierce’s impact on John’s career

33:40 — Learning from great basketball minds

34:09 — Tyler drops a great interview tip while John’s boss tries to get in touch with him

35:05 — John’s networking strategy — Be honest and open

35:57 — Not having preconceived notions about working

37:05 — John throws Tyler under the bus/Tyler’s negativity

37:20 — Tyler/John love fest continues

37:55 — John is unreliable

38:10 — John’s ultimate career goals

39:05 — Coach Speak

39:30 — Tyler digs at Butch Jones again

39:40 — Being a leader but not being a great player — Butch Jones quote

42:15 — Young players that need to play — John Fox quote

42:40 — John’s experience with Ryan Gomes

44:45 — City Review — Providence, Rhode Island

46:30 — John doesn’t drink and the podcast almost ends

47:20 — 10 touches

47:35 — Funniest teammate

48:10 — Worst basketball travel experience

48:58 — Toughest cover of John’s career

49:28 — Best part about living overseas


50:53 — Create Your Shot book club

51:05 — John calls out Bobby Jordan/Chester HS vs. Roman Catholic HS

52:25 — Smallz tells a story from when he was 7 with perfect memory

52:50 — Smallz argues with John about games John played in!

53:00 — Tyler disses Lower Merion and drops some knowledge

54:00 — John shares two AWESOME stories about Kobe Bryant — Featuring Tim Thomas

56:45 — John’s pregame routine

58:10 — John is a terrible rebounder

59:00 — 4 quarters in NCAA games and shorter shot clocks

59:40 — Winning a state title at Chester, PA

1:00:10 — Who would win at 1 on 1, John or Jameer

1:00:50 — John on staying humble

1:01:26 — Having no regrets/read more books

1:02:20 — Is John going to get fired from big timing his head coach

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