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This week Smallz and Tyler welcome on professional basketball player TJ Dileo. TJ plays for Telekom Bonn in Bonn, Germany in the BBL. The guys get into European basketball, selecting agents, gelling with new teammates and much more. City review goes international for the first time and TJ discusses his scouting roots during the Rothstein’s. TJ is on twitter @TDileo.

:28 Tyler and Smallz introduction
7:30 Welcome TJ Dileo
12:20 Relationships with teammates, high turnover
18:05 Agent Selection process
23:06 Unusual path to Temple
31:41 Basketball Family
40:20 European players to NBA, style translation
44:40 TJ’s future in basketball and ultimate career goals after
48:12 Rothstein’s
1:00:15 City Review — Bonn, Germany
1:09:50 10 Touches
1:24:55 Parting Shots


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