Create Your Shot: Zak Boisvert

Tyler and Smallz are joined by Zak Boisvert, an assistant basketball coach at Army. Zak has been a division 1 assistant since his early 20s and built the foundation of his career from being a manager at Fordham University. The guys talk about creating his shot through letter writing, conversations with Tom Crean and immersing himself with sportscode and film breakdown. Zak has since started his own coaches newsletter and owns and operates He can be found on twitter at @ZakBoisvert and @PickandPopnet

0:31 — Tyler and Smallz Intro Zak
7:35 — Welcome Zak Boisvert
8:01 — Zak talks Army’s season so far
8:45 — What does Army do during the longer holiday break
10:20 — West Point as a school and basketball program
13:55 — Smallz commits to a push-up and pull-up challenge at the final four
14:15 — Zak’s journey into coaching from a young age
16:01 — How Lawrence Frank impacted Zak’s career
18:00 — Zak’s networking at a young age and writing 1,000s of letters
19:45 — Starting a coaching newsletter and
22:00 — Leveraging Hoop Group to let him coach at camp — Don’t be afraid to ask for more!
23:47 — Make the job work for you, use your resources and network
25:00 — Film exchange as a networking tool
26:00 — Film through the ages
26:45 — Providing value to other people within the industry and to your staff
28:00 — Working guys out at Fordham and doing film breakdowns
29:31 — Conversations with Tom Crean — Become a basketball guy
30:03 — Watching 1 hour of film per day
30:31 — Improving every day as coach — Intentional experiences over a period of time
33:06 — Breaking down film and being able to teach and relay to your team and staff
34:00 — Being able to sure competency
36:20 — Integrating yourself as a young assistant with older staffs
38:00 — Being able to trust the people around you and lean on your mentors
40:35 — How do you disconnect from the job and balance family and coaching
42:40 — Zak’s ultimate career goals
44:45 — The difference between coaching in college and NBA
45:20 — Coach Speak — Bill Self
47:18 — The ability to recruit and quantify motor and toughness
49:55 — Michael Kidd-Gilchrist as a HS player and how his motor impacted his recruiting
51:40 — Coach Speak — Archie Miller
54:56 — City Review — Bronx, NY
1:00:26 — Ten Touches
1:11:20 — Parting Shots

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