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This week Smallz and Tyler put up shots with Casey Stitzel, the Head Coach at Millersville University. They talk building programs, Casey’s preferred playing style, what he learned from coaches he played and worked for and much more. City Review this week is Lancaster, Pennsylvania and coach speak features Dr. James Naismith and Houston Rockets head man, Mike D’Antoni. Casey can be found on Twitter @Coachstitz.

0:28 Smallz and Tyler Introduction
8:18 Welcome Casey Stitzel
11:10 What is it like to build programs at different levels
18:00 Coaching at his father’s alma mater
19:45 The difference between levels and Casey’s preferred playing style
27:30 Patience and the importance of staying grounded
32:20 The interview process at Millersville and Casey’s advice to people interviewing
38:13 Work life balance and ultimate career goals
45:15 Coach Speak — Dr. James Naismith and Mike D’Antoni
54:30 City Review — Lancaster, PA
58:12 Ten Touches
1:05:10 Parting Shots

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