This Time on Create Your Shot:

On this week’s episode of Create Your Shot, Tyler and Smallz are joined by Chad O’Donnell of Capital Elite Agency. Chad, a former division 1 assistant himself, walks the guys through many different tips that he gives his clients during the hiring process. Chad dives into interviewing, networking, updating references and then how to utilize your current boss to help your career. This week’s coach speak features Jeff Brohm and Lincoln Riley and the city review is Boston, MA. More information on Capital Elite Agency can be found on their website at and on Twitter @Capeliteagency and Chad can be found on Twitter @Chadeodonnell.

:27 Tyler and Smallz Introduction
10:30 Chad O’Donnell joins Create Your Shot
15:20 How Chad got into the consultant business and recognized his talents
20:52 Chad’s history with interviews and his thoughts on search firms
26:15 Recognizing what is and isn’t a good move
33:12 What do athletic directors focus on?
40:00 How to network on and off the road
42:20 Best ways to utilize references
48:01 Have an end of the year meeting with your head coach
50:22 Whats Next for Chad
50:58 Coach Speak — Jeff Brohm and Lincoln Riley
55:44 City Review — Boston, MA
1:00:45 Ten Touches
1:20:00 Parting Shots


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