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Tyler and Smallz are back on the court this week with Dwayne Lee from St. Bonaventure. They talk about Dwyane’s career at St. Anthony high school and St. Josephs University, his transition into coaching and his ultimate goals in his career and for the players he coaches. This weeks City review is Jersey City, NJ and coach speak features Bob Hurley Sr. and Jim Harbaugh. Dwayne can be found on Twitter @Dlee1015SBU.

:29 Tyler and Smallz Introduction
7:40 Welcome on Dwayne Lee
13:01 Integrating himself with a new staff at St. Bonaventure
18:22 Dwayne’s high school career playing for Bob Hurley and against Dejuan Wagner
27:11 The “Perfect Season” at St. Josephs
38:13 The transition from player to coach
43:10 Adjusting to being a graduate manager and the work life balance of coaching
46:50 Ultimate career goals and setting goals for his players
48:02 Coach Speak — Bob Hurley Sr. and Jim Harbaugh
53:05 City Review — Jersey City, NJ59:03 Ten Touches
1:11:33 Parting Shots


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