This Time on Create Your Shot:

Smallz and Tyler are joined by Eagle Witt, one of the fastest rising stand-up comics in New York. Eagle joins the guys to talk about his new podcast, Hangtime, his career in comedy, learning to not fear the stage, working through sets and much much more. Eagle takes the guys through the New York Comedy scene in this weeks city review and goes through ten touches and parting shots. Eagle can be found on Instagram @EagleWitt and Twitter @EagleWitt. He wants you to know his Instagram is better than his Twitter.

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:30 Tyler and Smallz Introduction
13:15 Eagle Witt joins Create Your Shot
15:51 Building a profile in comedy
18:52 Hard work in stand-up comedy
21:10 Perfecting your craft and dealing with bombing
27:07 Ultimate career goals
30:50 Performing in the Comedy Cellar and appreciating success
33:25 Being broke and staying focused
37:00 Politics in comedy and Kevin Hart
41:30 Hangtime podcast on Underdog Sports
45:02 City Review — New York City Comedy Scene
50:02 Ten Touches
56:14 Parting Shots


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