This Time on Create Your Shot:

This week on Create Your Shot, Smallz and Tyler are joined by Evan Harville of the Greensboro Swarm. Evan is in his first season as an assistant coach for the G-league club and talks about his background in player development, how he cultivated relationships to get his current job and the rhythm you need to acclimate yourself at the professional level. This weeks coach speak features Doug Pederson and Brad Stevens and the guys join Evan in Charlotte, NC for city review. Evan can be found on Twitter @EvanHarville and you can follow the Swarm @GreensboroSwarm.

:29 Tyler and Smallz Introduction
5:50 Smallz’ Eagles Post-mortum
11:41 Evan Harville joins Create Your Shot
13:30 How Evan got his job with the Swarm and his biggest adjustments
22:45 The biggest difference between colleges and the pros
28:06 Evan’s player development background and philosophy
38:15 Acclimating to the video room and being well rounded
45:05 Growing a networking and balancing life in and out of the season
50:53 Coach Speak — Doug Pederson and Brad Stevens
1:00:42 City Review — Charlotte, NC
1:08:13 Ten Touches
1:21:36 Parting Shots


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