This Time on Create Your Shot:

Create Your Shot gets tons of shots up with Max Hooper on this weeks episode! Max played college basketball at Oakland, St. Johns and Harvard, and spent time in the G-league. The guys talk with Max about his plans of being a coach, how he perfected his craft as a player, his views on the current transfer climate and how he dealt with personal adversity as a player. This weeks coach speak features stories about Greg Kampe and the city review is Tyler’s home town of Nashville, TN. Max can be found on Twitter @Maxthehooper

:29 Tyler and Smallz Introduction
10:35 Max Hooper joins Create Your Shot
13:16 Traveling around the country meeting with different coaching staffs
16:52 High school and prep school recruiting and then committing to Harvard
24:01 Current transfer climate and how transfers are treated in NCAA
28:35 Is Max a better shooter than Mike Dunn and how Max can coach shooters
37:15 Dealing with personal adversity and how teammates and coaches can help
41:05 Presenting the first Chip Hooper award at the Billboard music awards
42:45 Max’s goals in coaching
44:11 Coach Speak — What styles worked for Max and Greg Kampe stories
56:55 City Review — Nashville, TN
1:05:25 Ten Touches
1:20:55 Parting Shots


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