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Smallz and Tyler are back and they talk with Ted Rawlings, the Director of Basketball Operations at George Mason University. Teddy Ballgames drops serious knowledge on coaching, taking a step into the operations role and dealing with and accepting the spontaneity of the coaching business. Coach speak features The Boss, Bruce Springsteen and Jon Still and the city review is Fairfax, VA. Teddy can be found on Twitter @TeddyBallgame37

:28 Tyler and Smallz Introduction
7:40 Welcome Ted Rawlings
15:50 Ted’s background and why he wanted to pursue coaching
23:09 Being an on the floor assistant and his experience at University of the Sciences
32:20 Leaving on the floor coaching and going into the operations realm at the D1 level
36:15 Networking and working with older and younger coaches
43:04 Ted’s career goals and dealing with the instability of college coaching
55:12 Coach Speaker — Jon Still and Bruce Springsteen
1:04:48 City Review — Fairfax, VA
1:11:50 Ten Touches
1:22:20 Parting Shots

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