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Tyler and Smallz are back after a MUCH needed vacation with Tom Barrett, the coordinator of basketball operations at Sacred Heart University. Tom is someone that CYS has known for years and the guys talk about his career, leaving the private sector to coach, the current state of the 76ers and much more. This weeks coach speak features JR Smith and Brett Brown and the city review is the pizza capital of the world, Fairfield, CT. Tom can be found on Twitter @TMBarrett12.

:28 Tyler and Smallz Introduction
8:34 Welcome Tom Barrett
12:35 On three jobs in three years and how to get acclimated
15:56 Getting out of the private sector and coaching HS basketball
22:30 Tom’s first job being on a staff with a ton of pressure and making the best of situations
27:39 Growing your network through different jobs and interview processes
32:08 Career goals and staying sharp while in an administrative role
36:15 Burner Twitter accounts and what is next for the 76ers
41:38 Coach Speak — JR Smith, Brett Brown
48:02 City Review — Fairfield, CT
53:50 Ten Touches
1:04:31 Parting Shots

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