DJ Wilson (PF/SF, Michigan)


Measurables: 6’10.5”, 7’3” wingspan, 240 lbs, 21.3 years old


  • Efficient on offense inside arc, outside arc, and from line
  • Explosive around rim
  • Finds a way to get open/find open spots
  • Able to attack closeouts well
  • Quick release on jumper
  • Talented as a shot blocker, good instincts – 5.6 BLK% for career
  • Quick enough to hang on perimeter, with length to affect jumpers
  • Length is a huge factor defensively
  • Flies around on defense when he’s tuned in
  • Very good free throw shooter – 83% – good jumper indicator
  • Value stats bullish on him – .166 WS/40, 9.4 BPM
  • Has clear-cut NBA role on offense
  • Extremely efficient around rim – 83% FG around rim
  • Big time athlete who can score off cuts


  • Very poor rebounder for a PF
  • Slight hitch in jumper – doesn’t keep ball high
  • Needs to add strength and physicality on both ends
  • Doesn’t always stay vertical at rim
  • Ball skills still need development, particularly in traffic
  • Doesn’t use size effectively on offense
  • Doesn’t make “winning plays’ offensively
  • Leaping skills are impressive but he struggles to finish in traffic
  • Gets caught relying on length instead of sliding his feet
  • Overall DIQ needs improvement
  • Rarely gets to line – 2.1 FTA/40
  • Not overly aggressive on defense aside from shot blocking


  • Wilson is an interesting player, as his combination of length, size, and 3 point shooting is very attractive to teams in the NBA. He’ll have a clear cut role as a stretch 4 right away, and he’s got a lot of defensive upside. He’s a very poor rebounder which is a big concern, but a lot of what he needs to add are ancillary things – strength, IQ, etc – that can be figured out with a solid NBA coaching and training staff. His set of tools and shooting ability should have him planted in the first round as a guy with developmental upside and a solid floor.


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