Danny Green has taken intentional fouling to an embarrassing new level.

Danny GreenWith 7.1 seconds left in the first quarter of last night’s Houston Rockets / San Antonio Spurs game, Danny Green committed what has to be the most heinous intentional foul of the year.  It also doubles as the most illegal, but we’ll get to that in a second.

We get what the Spurs were thinking… Clint Capela is a horrible foul shooter and 7.1 seconds is a lot of time for a last possession.  It kind of makes sense, in a genuinely terrible for basketball kind of way.

But Green didn’t even wait until the ball was in-bounded, he simply ran over to Capela who was out of bounds, set to inbound the ball, and intentionally fouled him.

I’d say this is getting out of control if it weren’t the understatement of the year.

Don’t feel too badly for the Rockets though, last week they had deep reserve K.J. McDaniels commit five immediate intentional fouls on Andre Drummond to begin the second half in a game versus the Pistons.

But back to the Spurs foul last night.  If you watch the clip below and think, “Hey, can they do that?  No… Wait… No, they can’t do that, right?”  you would be correct.

“A defender crossing the boundary line prior to the ball being released on a throw-in” should be a delay of game, as per NBA rules.

The officials, probably as confused as the rest of us, forgot about the rule here and allowed the foul to stand.

The intentional fouling in basketball has to stop.  There needs to be a rule change in the next CBA, this is getting to be unwatchable at this point.  Do you think anyone enjoyed watching Andre Drummond shot 36 foul shots in that game against the Rockets?

I’m sure Drummond didn’t, as he set an NBA record for the most missed foul shots in a single game with his 13-36 performance from the line.



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