De’Aaron Fox (PG, Kentucky)


Measurables: 6’3”, 6’6.5” wingspan, 169 lbs, 19.4 years old


  • Extremely fast in the open floor, aggressive
  • Gets to rim quickly and is elite finisher there – 64% at rim
  • Flashes nice change of pace ability, nice nuance
  • Extremely explosive, can get above rim even in traffic
  • Just a freak athlete all around, so so so explosive
  • Elite first step, blasts past defenders
  • Ballhandling skills allow him to beat defenders along with speed
  • Flashes nice pull up game in the mid range
  • Punishes big men in switches – they have no chance against him
  • Can get to rim in one dribble, nice strides
  • Very slithery in traffic, allows him to get layups
  • Good floater game in traffic, helps him vs length
  • Not at all afraid of contact despite slight frame
  • Good job taking care of the ball – 13.9 TOV%
  • Nice vision leading the break in transition
  • Sees rim runners in transition, nice one hand passing ability
  • Solid ability running PnR
  • Able to make dumps as defense collapses on him in the lane
  • Good positional size, allows him to see the court
  • Pesky on ball defender – great defensive footwork/being handsy
  • Slides his feet and works to contest, works hard on D
  • Good instincts on defense, both on and off the ball
  • One of the best in this draft going down to force turnovers from the post – shows defensive activity and effort level


  • Very poor 3 point shooting numbers – 24.6%
  • Poor shooting on 2 point jumpers – 36%
  • Very thin at this time
  • 9th percentile on catch and shoot
  • Jumper mechanics will need overhaul, he slingshots ball
  • Much of his offense is negated when the D can play off of him
  • Had a lot of bad misses – airballs, bricks left/right
  • Not overly polished as a playmaker (6.2 AST/40)
  • Lacks vision of other elite guards in this class
  • Needs to improve awareness out of PnR
  • Slight frame allows him to be pushed around easily on either end
  • Gets pushed back by bigger guards even though he can stay in front of them
  • Hard to imagine him guarding 2s with thin frame
  • Effort on defense needs to be more consistent
  • Needs to lock in on D given slight size
  • Off ball IQ on defense needs improvement
  • Struggled with defensive discipline at times – 9 games with 4+ fouls
  • How long will it take for defenses to respect his jumper?


  • Fox is a ridiculous athlete, exploding all over the court and flying everywhere with blinding speed. A unique scorer, he gets into the lane so easily and has a bag of tricks to finish at the rim. Defensively, he’s a phenomenal prospect, using his athleticism and high activity level to shut down opposing point guards and create turnovers. Fox still has areas to improve – he needs to balance scoring and playmaking more, focusing on getting guys the ball. He showed a lot of promise as a playmaker (28.6 AST% to 13.7 TOV%) but just needs to be more in tune as his basketball IQ improves. Fox’s main question mark is his jump shot, which needs form overhaul and will give him problems against teams that sag off of him. Luckily, Fox is known as one of the hardest workers in this draft and it would not be surprising to hear about him putting up 5000 shots a day in an effort to fix his shot. If he can get that figured out, there is no ceiling. Fox offers a lot right now, and as he continues to build his frame and improve his jumper he will only improve.


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