Is DeAndre Ayton a future superstar?

Ayton is a 7’1 250-pound center that played college basketball for the Arizona Wildcats, playing both power forward and center position for Sean Taylor. He is one of two players in the NCAA to average over 20 and 10 in the NCAA the other player being Marvin Bagley |||. Ayton was named the PAC 12 player of the year, Pac-12 freshman of the year, first team All Pac -12 and made the AP first team for the best players in the NCAA. Deandre Ayton is viewed as a physical specimen with a rare combination of size, strength, and abilities combined with great hands and excellent touch around the rim. Deandre Ayton is projected to go number 1 in the 2018 NBA Draft. He possesses one of the highest ceilings out of anyone in the 2018 NBA Draft. Ayton has the potential to be one of the best big men in the NBA and a top 20 player in the league. Ayton says that he prefers to play the PF spot it will be interesting to see how he is implemented in the NBA.

Offensive Overview:

Deandre Ayton’s freshman year at Arizona he averaged 20.1 points 11.6 rebounds on 61% FG 34% 3 point percentage and a 73% FT percentage. Ayton was 2nd in the country in efficiency rating in his only year in college. He has a true shooting percentage of 65 percent on a usage rate of 26.6 percent. Ayton has shown the ability to knock down midrange jumpers. For Ayton 3- pointers were far and few between but he shot a solid 34% so range can be a real possibility for him. He posted these dominant stats playing with erratic guards and not playing the center position. Ayton averaged 4.0 offensive rebounds per 40 minutes he does not possess the best instincts but he is a huge presence in the paint.


Deandre Ayton is a very good to excellent jump-shooter. He has good mechanics with excellent efficiency and a very good shot selection. Has an excellent midrange shot, he has an average 3 point shooter but there is promise. As of now, he is He currently possess no off the dribble shot. His mechanics are great for a big man quick & compact combined with good touch. He is also Efficient & Consistent. He jumps to gain power and height on his shot. He releases the ball on the top of his jumpshot. He has a high shooting form. Ayton possesses some unusual footwork. He has a tilt in his shot his right foot isn’t at the same level as his left foot despite this he still can make inside to midrange shots at a high rate it really affects his 3 point accuracy the tilt causes balance issues during the shot & affects accuracy. On Deandre Ayton’s shots, he is not consistent on the way he lands sometimes he lands with his feet very close to each other. Overall his landing is wildly inconsistent. Ayton releases his shot high and quick combine that with his great size 7’1 height and his 7’5 wingspan this allows him to shot over defenders fairly easily. With Ayton’s physical tools he has the ability to release the ball consistently at the same height as the rim.

On face up J’s, he has the ability to release the ball high this makes him dangerous on face-up jumpers. He just rises and scores over defenders no need to dribble or create to get the shot off. When he rises up defenders do not alter his shot he has shown the ability to easily rise above all the NCAA defenders that he has faced. On midrange jumpshot’s Ayton has a 52% efficiency on long 2’s (92% title). Almost all his midrange shots came off the catch. On 3 pointers he shot a solid 34% from downtown but on a small sample size. He only attempted 35 three’s all year (1 per a game). He does not set screens well but he has the potential to be a pick & pop big man behind the 3 point line. The main question for Ayton is can he shoot 3’s in the NBA. He was (3/17) on NBA range three’s last year equaling 17 %. He does not seem to possess great range a lot of the 3 point shots he misses are short shots.

Inside Scoring:

Deandre Ayton is viewed as an excellent inside scorer with excellent physical attributes, explosiveness, finishing, efficient and playmaking above the rim. His catch & finish is excellent his post moves are good and he is very good on the offensive boards. Ayton is an incredible finisher at the basket he possesses all the tools, size, explosiveness, & wingspan combined with fantastic efficiency 79% on 6 attempts per a game (92% tile). Ayton has the ability to get off the floor & play above the rim with incredible ease he has an excellent hop step/ second jump and can go immediately go back up after landing. Ayton has excellent coordination and good footwork. He uses this to get himself under the basket.

Pick & Rolls with Ayton were not utilized at Arizona mainly because of two big man on the floor and poor spacing. Ayton has excellent to terrific potential in this regard because of better passes to get him the ball and faster better pace. Ayton can be a force in transition he is incredibly quick & agile for his size. He can get up the court in a hurry. At times Ayton is not aggressive with using his big frame to get quality looks under the rim. He prefers to finish with finesse rather than power. At times when smaller defenders are on him, he does not use his body to move them out the way (maybe fear of picking up an offensive foul)?
Ayton possesses a terrific 2nd jump and even 3rd jump. He can jump back up in a hurry after catching the ball. He also good at tipping shots in the basket that were missed shots and even has the ability to tap the ball to himself to score. In the low post,-Ayton is able to get deep position using his great physical tools. He has a very efficient shot if he can catch the ball close to the basket. He possesses a big catch radius getting him the ball in the paint should not be difficult. Ayton shows excellent footwork at times. He does not have a lot of moves down low he has the ability to develop more great moves with his footwork and promising drop-step. His favorite shot down low is the face-up jumper. Around the rim, Ayton does not have great touch. If he can’t get to the rim for dunks or layups he struggles to finish around the basket.


Overall Deandre Ayton is a good passer. He has good vision with good decision making. His low post passing is very good and he has not demonstrated passing off the dribble. Ayton possesses good court vision, partly due to his great size. He is able to pass the ball from a high point, no problems passing over defenders. He has solid accuracy able to pass the ball right in the shooter’s hand. Ayton is good at passing out of a double team when doubles come. He does not panic, he reads the defense & finds the open man when he sees him. Showing an ability to make the right play. Ayton only averaged 2.0 tov/g in 33 min/g. He has bad passes at times but he does not get fancy or try crazy passes.

Defense Overview:

At Arizona, Deandre Ayton averaged 1.6 blocks per a game and 0.6 steals per a game Ayton’s defense is viewed as the main weak point in his game. Many times he loses site of where he should be going or where he is on the floor. On defense, he has a habit of being a bit behind the play even though he averaged 1.6 blocks which is good if he was more engaged on defense he could average even more. He has a low steal rate and does not play the passing lane’s that well. With his physical tools, Ayton can be a great defender but the main question is does he possess the basketball IQ on defensive side of the floor or the effort?


Overall Deandre Ayton is an average defender. He has excellent physical attributes with good effort level his main issue is his discipline and fundamentals are bad. In Pick & Roll defense, he is average. Isolation defense he is average. Off-ball defense is bad to average and his defensive playmaking is bad. He has major upside in improving his defense due to the physical tools he has and the effort level he displays. Due to his agility, top-notch lateral quickness & mobility for his size he has the capability of even containing guards on the perimeter. With his physical attributes, Ayton gets beat too often. On defense, he lacks technique and he is not physical. Relies too heavily on lateral quickness, he does not beat his man to the spot. Ayton main issues on defense are timing and positioning he made progress during the year at Arizona but he still has a long way to go defensively. For a player of his size and strength, he allows his opponents to back him down too easily in the post offering little resistance at times. Ayton also possesses a major lack of aggressiveness playing as a 5 to protect the basket. In the paint, he is too passive. He does not try contest shots at the basket every time. A lack of natural instincts really hurt Ayton on this end of the floor at times when he helps underneath, doesn’t know how to properly protect the rim. Ayton is a dominant defensive rebounder 9.7 defensive rebounds per 40 minutes. He attacks the glass aggressively. He is excellent rebounding in traffic with his length/size & explosiveness. The main issue with Ayton’s rebounding is he relies on his physical tools and he does not box out his opponents on Rebounds. This may be a major concern because in the NBA defenders are going to be more athletic and far more physical. Will this affect Ayton being a dominant rebounder?


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