You definitely shouldn’t follow my week 14 picks

definitely don't follow my picks
We like the Browns over Brett Hundley and the Packers.

Another good week for us puts us at a pretty respectable record heading into week 14. The playoff picture is slowly coming to fruition, with teams like the Chargers making huge leaps to try and get in. While other teams like the Chiefs just keep sliding right out of contention. As a small side note the MVP race is so interesting this year. Before last week I would have hands down said Carson Wentz, but has Russell Wilson gained some ground on him? Might have to do a ‘Definitely Don’t Follow My Award Race Picks’ segment.
Now onto this week’s pick, and as always don’t follow them!

Record 60-49-3 (Last Week 9-4)

New Orleans Saints(-2) at Atlanta Falcons – Thursday 8:25 ET
A good Thursday night matchup? Who would have thought the NFL would get that one right? In all seriousness though, this is an incredibly important game for the Falcons, as they need every win they can get if they want to secure a playoff spot.They’re at home and are getting 2 extra points, but I just think the Saints will edge them out here.
My Pick: Saints

Green Bay Packers(-3.5) at Cleveland Browns – Sunday 1:00 ET
Cleveland helped us out last week by covering that huge spread, and I think they help out this week too. If the Browns are going to win any games this year, this might be one of their best chances. The Packers have an alright defense, and if Cleveland can stop the run, I think they have a serious chance to pull a fast one on the Packers.
My Pick: Browns

Seattle Seahawks(+3) at Jacksonville Jaguars – Sunday 1:00 ET
Just when you thought the Seahawks were dead in the water, they go and beat the consensus best team in the league.I don’t know what to think of the Seahawks and their myriad of issues, but I just have a feeling that Pete Carroll is in full playoff push mode. This team could be unstoppable down the stretch.
My Pick: Seahawks

San Francisco 49ers(+3) at Houston Texans – Sunday 1:00 ET
The Garappolo era in San Fran has started, and overall he looked pretty good. He threw for just under 300 yards, and his one interception really wasn’t his fault. I think this week Jimmy G really hits his stride and shows the league why he was worth the second round pick asking price.
My Pick: 49ers

Chicago Bears at Cincinnati Bengals – Sunday 1:00 ET
Not seeing a line on this one, and I’m not too sure why. The Bengals are a little banged up on both sides of the ball so that could very well be it. I’m not even going to give this one a pick because it could honestly go either way. Stay away!

Minnesota Vikings(-3) at Carolina Panthers – Sunday 1:00 ET
A couple weeks ago the Vikings and Saints were a close second behind the Eagles as my favorites to make the super bowl out of the NFC. But I think the Vikings have officially separated themselves to me. Week in and week out their defense does great, while this incredibly underrated offense led by Case Keenum just keeps winning games. There’s no more doubting Keenum for me, this guy is going to take this team to the super bowl.
My Pick: Vikings

Detroit Lions at Tampa Bay Buccaneers – Sunday 1:00 ET
No line, but I’ll take Detroit as long as it’s within 10. Koetter is most likely out, Winston looks like a shell of his former self, and it just doesn’t seem like any of these Bucs want to play anymore.

Oakland Raiders(+4) at Kansas City Chiefs – Sunday 1:00 ET
What has happened to this Chiefs team? Six weeks through the season they were consensus super bowl favorites, and Alex Smith was MVP material. Now they’re probably going to miss the playoffs, and Alex Smith will be looking for a new job sooner rather than later. I’m going against the Chiefs until they show that they can bounce back.
My Pick: Raiders

Indianapolis Colts at Buffalo Bills – Sunday 1:00 ET
No line out on this game due to the QB situation in Buffalo. This could go down as one of the ugliest games of the year, but if you’re in sunshiny Buffalo this weekend tickets are starting at 5 dollars! Seriously, for the price of a Taco Bell 5 Buck Box, you can go see a professional football game.

New York Jets(-1.5) at Denver Broncos – Sunday 4:05 ET
You know you’re bad when the Miami Dolphins put a 30 point beating on you. So is it that hard to imagine the Jets putting the beat down on the Broncos as well? I think not.
My Pick: Jets

Washington Redskins(+6) at Los Angeles Chargers – Sunday 4:05 ET
The Chargers might be one of the hottest teams in football right now. Their defense has looked superb, and the Philip Rivers to Keenan Allen connection is dynamite. The mediocre offensive line in Washington will show in this one, expect a lot of Cousins on the ground.
My Pick: Chargers

Tennessee Titans(-3) at Arizona Cardinals – Sunday 4:05 ET
Tennessee consistently gets these low spreads, almost like Vegas has as much confidence in their team as I do. They’ll win, Mariota won’t look great, their defense will look mediocre, and they’ll rack up easy wins on the way to a first-round exit in the playoffs.
My Pick: Titans

Dallas Cowboys(-6) at New York Giants – Sunday 4:25 ET
I think we will see a side of Eli that we haven’t seen before this week. He got benched one game by an incompetent front office which ends his consecutive start streak? Just to come back the following week? I think the rumors are true and Eli is getting out of New York after this season, so it’s time for him to show that he’s still got it. Angry Eli 4 touchdown game incoming.
My Pick: Giants

Philadelphia Eagles at Los Angeles Rams – Sunday 4:25 ET
No line up for this game yet. We’ll have to see how the Eagles respond to a loss after being virtually unbeatable all year. Let’s just say if the Rams pull a fast one, I won’t be surprised.

Baltimore Ravens at Pittsburgh Steelers – Sunday 8:30 ET
Another game with no spread sadly. It’ll be a nice rivalry game, and the Steelers are hurting a little on defense which could help the Ravens anemic offense. I’ll lean Steelers, but the Ravens are no gimmie.

New England Patriots(-11.5) at Miami Dolphins – Monday 8:30 ET
Well looks like the Dolphins are getting a little bit more respect since the last meeting. Instead of 17 points, were down to 11.5. The Patriots will win for sure, but something in me says it’s a bit of a trap game. However, I’ve learned not to go with my heart on picks and I’ll stick with that in this one.
My Pick: Patriots


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