Derrick White (SG/PG, Colorado)

Measurables: 6’4.5”, 6’7.5” wingspan, 189 lbs, 22.9 years old


  • Solid handle, moves quickly with ball
  • Talented, confident shooter
  • Very quick and athletic – hard to see how he fell to DII
  • Offensive value stats were very high on him
  • Has the size to play the 1 and the 2
  • Isn’t fazed by NBA defenders – plays hard and smart
  • Crafty finisher around rim – 68% finishing around rim
  • Nice floater game
  • Flashes of explosiveness near rim
  • Great shot blocker for a guard – 4.9 BLK%
  • Elite off the dribble game inside arc – 43% on 2 point jumpers


  • Not a true PG at the NBA level
  • Not incredibly effective on defense despite frame
  • Would be 23 years old at start of rookie year
  • Relatively small 3 point sample
  • Athletic limitations hurt him on defense
  • Doesn’t have ability to defend NBA 3s
  • What does he do to elevate his teammates?
  • Hard to see clear-cut NBA role – somewhat caught between PG and wing
  • Not a ton of demand for off-ball PGs
  • Doesn’t have great balance between scoring and playmaking


  • White is a talented athlete and scorer, but his age puts a pretty significant damper on further progress. He’s had flashes on defense – particularly as a shot blocker – and he’s got good playmaking skills if he’s looked at as a 2 guard. He’ll probably be most successful in the NBA as a 2 guard, and he’ll have to prove he can defend that spot. His solid shot blocking ability is a glimpse into this, and he’s able to use his smarts to his advantage. Value stats were very high on him last year, and a lot of what he does should translate to the NBA. He certainly fits the profile of an under the radar 2nd round guard/wing type. He’s advanced at every level of scoring and that should earn him time in the NBA.


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