DeShaun Watson can struggle, it’s ok.


Before you crucify me – the Houston Texans are my team, I love that our front office finally decided to grow a spine and trade up for a potential franchise QB, and I am wild about Deshaun Watson. That being said, there are a few things that need to be addressed. Most of these ideas are not my own, but I feel that, as a fan, I owe it to all of you to condense them into one article and make a few points of my own. Don’t worry, though; I believe this story has a happy ending.

Who Is Deshaun Watson?

If you don’t know who Deshaun Watson is (you must live in a monastery), he is the quarterback of the most recent NFL Draft class with arguably the highest chance of starting during his rookie season. He has poise in the pocket, he is mobile, and he has one hell of an arm. Most importantly, he is a man that succeeds when stakes are at their highest. As a freshman at Clemson, he started five games and won four. During that time, He threw for 14 touchdowns and just two interceptions. After that solid start, he went on as a Sophomore and a Junior to lead his team to two national championships, winning one. He is a two-time Heisman Trophy finalist. He is a winner.

That’s the thing. We can go on and on about his awards, his successes, and what he’s done for the pride of his school. We can go on and on about his measurables:

  • 4.66 second 40-yard dash
  • 35” vertical jump
  • 6’2”, 221-pound frame

We can turn over every piece of footage we have to see what kind of player this guy is, but that is not what makes Deshaun who he is. We should be focused on the fact that this young man has been living the kind of story that this generation needs to hear. In a time in history where the disparity between the rich and the poor is ever-widening, Deshaun Watson is not just a football player; Deshaun Watson is a beacon of hope for the downtrodden and disenfranchised.

If he continues on his current path, I could honestly see Deshaun being a difference-maker in the culture of football. The culture that surrounds the NFL is something that fans (including me) prefer to ignore. We can no longer stay quiet, though, while men making millions of dollars continue to beat their wives and children. I mean, how is Colin Kaepernick kneeling during the National Anthem even our radars when there have been 26 players arrested for domestic violence and 54 players arrested for assault in the past five years is laughably shameful. Come on, guys. We’re better than this. Leave Colin alone. He’s protesting in the most peaceful way possible. GIVE HIM A JOB.

Sorry about that, I’m passionate. Back to my point –  Deshaun is exactly what the NFL (and our country) needs. He is someone that has fought through adversity to reach his dreams. He is respectful, hard-working, and has a deep love for what he does. He went from living in project housing to buying his mom a brand new Jag. Life handed him a big, hard “NO,” but instead of resigning to what he was given, he turned that “NO” into a “YES” with a sly grin on his face. And all the while, he finished his degree with a 3.8 GPA, beat Alabama in a national championship, and became a spokesperson for Habitat for Humanity in South Carolina.

Deshaun Watson is what every young American should aspire to be.

This is my plea to Texans fans this year: please be patient. Not every young quarterback has a great start in the NFL. They need time to adapt to the culture, the pace, and the complexity of the game. The NFL is a completely different beast than the NCAA. Just because he has a tough first start or even tough first year does not mean that he won’t analyse every piece of film of himself and try to improve. If you need proof, here is a list of NFL quarterbacks that had rough introductions to the big league:

Troy Aikman

John Elway

Matthew Stafford

Andrew Luck

Peyton Manning

Terry Bradshaw

Eli Manning

Randall Cunningham

Donovan McNabb

Recognize some of those names? That’s because they improved after being pretty damn bad their first year (or more, depending on how quickly they learned how to adjust). NFL defenses are tough to read, the pace of the game is much different than it is in college, and the pressure is much higher to succeed. Add all of that to the overnight fame and amounts of cash that these young guys could never dream of having, and it starts to add up. Young football players just need time to learn and grow. At this point, I think Deshaun has proved that he can overcome most adversity.

Beyond all of that, Deshaun Watson is exactly what the Texans have been looking for, and that’s why he is allowed to suck for a little while. Stick with me here – the Houston Texans are an organization that pride themselves on being comprised of high character individuals. Who better to gain the overall respect of the Texans’ locker room? And when he does get the chance to start, give the kid a break. The Texans have never had a franchise quarterback. Don’t shoot him down before he gets a chance to work out the kinks. He has the potential to be a real winner in the NFL. That’s my overall analysis of what Deshaun brings to the team. He’s a guy with a winning attitude that quietly wins the support of his peers and even his superiors. I mean, listen to Dabo Swinney talk about the man. You don’t draw comparisons to Michael Jordan from your coach if you aren’t at least somewhat special.

Expect to be reading many more articles about this potent Texans offense during the upcoming season because I am all aboard this hype train.


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