A look at the top five baseball movie couples

Anyone reading this site knows that there is nothing more appealing than a girl who loves baseball. It means she appreciates the simple things in life: the warmth of the summer sun, the unmistakable sound of the crack of a wood bat, and that first sip of cold beer in the afternoon. In honor of Valentine’s Day and pitchers and catchers reporting to Spring Training this weekend, I thought it was only appropriate to review the top 5 fictional baseball movie romances of all time.

Without further ado, say I do.

5. Jack Elliot and Hiroko Uchiyama – Mr. Baseball

This is one of the most underrated baseball movies that has ever been made.

Cocky guy meets girl, girl doesn’t like cocky guy, eventually, girl sees past cocky guy’s rough exterior and bad mustache ride jokes and falls in love with him. It’s a tale as old as time.

Not to mention, during the course of that courtship Jack came to find out that the woman he was falling for was actually the daughter of his manager who despised him. Talk about a curveball!

Side note: This is one of the most underrated baseball movies that has ever been made.

Best Sort-of-Romantic Quote: “Something very definite. Definite that baseball and Jack always come before Hiroko and Jack.” –Hiroko

4. Billy Chapel and Jane Aubrey – For Love of the Game

As Chapel pitchers what is likely the last game of his career, he begins to reflect on the love of his life, Jane, who he thinks has left him for a job in London. When the 8th rolls around he realizes he is in the midst of a perfect game. The next day he goes to the airport to fly to London to win her back, only to find her sitting there waiting; she missed her flight the day before so she could watch him pitch from the airport bar. Tears.

Also, what better “So how did you guys meet?” story is there in a baseball movie than helping a girl stranded with her broken down car on the way to the ball field.

Best Sort-of-Romantic Quote: “You ever gotten your heart broken?” “Yeah. When we lost the pennant in ’87.” –Jane and Billy

3. Ryan Dunne and Tenley Parrish – Summer Catch

Now, if there was ever a more romantic setting for a baseball romance, a few months in the Cape Cod Baseball League has to be it. Perfect backdrop for a story about a baseball related summer fling. Girls always say they like bold, romantic gestures. I am not sure it gets much more selfless than running off the field with one out to go in tossing a perfect game to chase down the love of your life at the airport. Talk about having perfect game.

*P.S. Just goes to show you Jane Aubrey was way more of a ride-or-die girl than Tenley, and Ryan cares way less about baseball immortality than Billy Chapel. Also, pretty consistent theme with back-to-back airport pursuits.

Best Sort-of-Romantic Quote: “Excuse me, I am tired of living a lie. I need it to be known that I like a big girl. In fact, a large, zaftig, voluptuous, full-figured, big-boned, massive-massive honey, that is what gets me going. I like fat women and they like me… big girls need love too, baby!” – Miles Dalrymple

2. Crash Davis and Calvin “Nuke” LaLoosh – Bull Durham

One would think that any top love story involving the stars of Bull Durham would include the likes of Annie Savoy, but everyone knows the real love story was between Crash and Nuke. Crash taught Nuke life’s important lessons, like strikeouts are fascist and groundballs are more democratic, and you can’t let fungus grow on your shower shoes until you’ve won 20 in the show.

Best Sort-of-Romantic Quote: “Listen, sweetheart, you shouldn’t listen to what a woman says when she’s in the throes of passion. They say the darndest things.” –Annie Savoy

1. Squints Palledorous and Wendy Peffercorn – The Sandlot

I hate to make the obvious choice here at #1, but it just would be a flat out lie to not give Squints and Wendy the crown. Boy lusts after much older lifeguard, fakes his own drowning, kisses her when he comes to, and 20+ years later they have 9 kids and own Vincent’s Drugstore. Fairytale stuff right there.

Best Sort-of-Romantic Quote: “Michael Squints Palledorous walked a little taller that day. And we had to tip our hats to him. He was lucky she hadn’t beat the crap out of him.”


Happy Valentine’s Day everyone, good luck finding your own baseball sweetheart!


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