On this episode of The Functional Sportsaholic

Don Beebe joins us this week to discuss the famous Leon Lett play, the original “Comeback” and his road less traveled to the NFL.

0:01:46: Welcome to the show Don Beebe!
0:02:25: The Leon Lett play
0:04:17: True character
0:08:10: Motivating people and Marv Levy’s influence
0:11:23: Other people’s opinion and its place in your life
0:16:18: The Comeback
0:18:54: The great Bills fans
0:20:25: Don Beebe’s Road Less Traveled
0:22:26: Don runs a 4.32 40 in BARE FEET!!
0:24:24: Don runs a combine-record 4.25 40 at the combine in shoes that were falling apart
0:28:05: Listening to your gut
0:33:35: Sean thinks Don’s story could be a movie
0:38:38: Kawhi to Toronto
0:44:40: When did Kawhi’s relationship sour so much?
0:52:55: Machado (maybe) going to the Dodgers
0:58:20: This could work really well for Toronto even if Kawhi doesn’t sign an extension
0:58:54: Could Boston be the next dynasty?

Opening/Closing Music: Rock Angel by Joakim Karudle


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