Is Edgar Martinez deserving of the Hall of Fame?

Edgar Martinez
Is Edgar Martinez worthy of being elected into the Hall of Fame?

It’s that time of year again when baseball greats evolve into baseball legends to be remembered forever in Cooperstown. But does Edgar Martinez have what it takes to land himself into the unparalleled Baseball Hall of Fame? Let’s take a look.

As we have all heard thousands of times in the NFL, defense wins championships. But does the same hold true for baseball? Baseball is unique in the fact that there really are three major aspects to the game: defense, pitching, and of course, hitting. With almost all players being formidable defenders by the time the make it to the big leagues, it leaves a large emphasis to be placed on hitting and pitching. And boy, Edgar Martinez surely could hit.

The 5-time silver slugger amassed a career batting average of .312 with 309 HR’s and 1261 RBI in his 18-year career. The career batting average of .312 puts him in an elite category shared by the likes of Derek Jeter (.310) and Ichiro Suzuki (.313). Let us not forget about the less sexy statistics either. Edgar was a professional hitter. He was consistently on base with a career OBP of .418 and knew how to scorch the gaps. The 514 doubles he mashed while at the plate contributed to the very impressive career .515 slugging percentage.

It’s safe to say that David Ortiz will probably go down as the greatest designated hitter to ever play the game, but it’s not a stretch to say Edgar will be a close second. His stats are not too far off what Ortiz was able to accomplish in his illustrious 20-year career. And we all know that Big Papi is a sure-fire, potential 1st ballot hall-of-famer. Being second to one of the greatest of all time is no small feat and one that deserves recognition. The Seattle Mariner Great has 70.6% of the votes at the moment and needs to reach 75% before ingraining his name into the history books. I know if I had the chance to vote, Edgar Martinez would without a doubt be getting my vote.


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