Edrice “Bam” Adebayo (C, Kentucky)


Measurables: 6’10”, 7’3” wingspan, 242 lbs, 19.8 years old


  • Man’s frame, helps him everywhere
  • Plays hard, runs floor well
  • Already very good offensive rebounder
  • Value stats very bullish on his defensive impact
  • Good awareness as a help defender, boxes out
  • Very talented lob finisher out of PnR
  • Athletic bulldozer size
  • Developing post game – great at establishing position
  • Decent quicks on perimeter
  • 65% FT shooter – not bad for center
  • Underrated touch on shots around rim
  • Slides feet in lane well


  • Can’t quite switch on to guards yet
  • Strictly a center
  • Basically no perimeter game on offense
  • Not quite an elite shot blocker (2.0 blk/40)
  • Doesn’t quite have the size to be defensive anchor
  • If he measures out below 6’10” he’ll drop b/c struggles playing center
  • Not as engaged on defensive glass as he could be
  • Offensive game is and should be totally limited to dunks/touch shots around rim
  • Twice as many turnovers as assists
  • Has same problem as many bigs – center game with PF size


  • Adebayo does a lot of things well, and he’s a big, athletic guy. However, he’s got very clear limitations on both ends, as he’ll never be much more than a lob option on offense and he doesn’t have the size or IQ to be a legit defensive anchor. With the ability to protect the rim (and switch onto guards, something Adebayo doesn’t do particularly well) the most prized skill for centers these days, Adebayo doesn’t appear to be a guy who can be a legit long-term starter. Still, at under 20, he’s got the potential to be a good role player as an energy bench big or a low-level starter.


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